I Help Solopreneurs Rock Their Unique Path To Success

Been there. Done that. Finally, ditched the whole collection of ill-fitting T's once I realized I was tired of trying to fit into someone else's idea of what my life and business should be like. 

Now I know better. Life and business isn't a one-size fits all destination. It's a journey. I love to help others discover what success means to them and then rock their unique path to get it.

Kat Sturtz


You can't get to where you want to go by standing still. Take that step forward today!

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I loved working with Kat! Her positivity is contagious and her coaching is spot on. She was my first ever biz coach and her wisdom helped me make smart decisions regarding my business growth in a way that honored my vision.

Gina Glenn

Certified Online Business Manager & Copy Creator

What do you value most in life?

For me, it's having the freedom and flexibility to manage my time and resources in ways that feel good.
I value feeling happy, healthy, productive, supported, and still there for my family and friends.

Your WHY provides your motivation. Your mindset rules the path. Ignore them and your life and business will suffer.
You don't need to figure out every step along the way on your own. Choose the help and support that best fits your needs.

Lifeline Coaching

My premier Lifeline Private Coaching program is for those serious about rocking their unique path to success. I only accept a handful of private clients to work with each quarter.

Group Programs

Free and low-fee focused group programs are hosted throughout the year. Members of the Rocking Your Path Community are always invited first and enjoy the best discounts.

Courses & Resources

The Rocking Your Path Member Center contains a growing library of resources, mini-trainings, and courses designed to help your rock your life and business.

More Sweet Things Folks Say

She explains things with clear and concise explanations. I am excited about the possibilities.

elizabeth hughes-callison

This is the best training. OMG, Kat. You gave so much info. I love how you put things into bite-size pieces.


Kat, you helped me understand what this is all about. You made me understand that there are people who aren't going to like what I'm doing because of their own barriers and obstacles.

dara harris

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In a single 1 hour session with her, I went from confused to "ah ha" and knew exactly what to do next (without overwhelm, thank goodness) to move my business forward.


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Hi, I'm Kat...

My passion is helping time and cash-strapped solopreneurs build a profitable home-based business.

Helping folks quickly identify what has them stuck, stumped, and stalled is my specialty. As a business life mentor and coach, I help individuals discover their unique path. I especially love helping clients break free from despair, leaking money, or making little at all.

What about You? What keeps you up at night, tossing and turning trying to figure out how to get past all the obstacles life throws at you?

Click here for free and easy ways to connect with me. Let's get you rocking!

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