We often unconsciously generate them in ourselves by negative thoughts, words and deeds. And some of us are downright sponges when it comes to attracting and absorbing negative energies from others. Regardless of how negative energies surround and fill us, it helps to have a ready way to help dispel them as quickly as possible.

Now, I don’t have a cliff overlooking a beautiful vista handy. You probably don’t either. No matter. What my guides gave me several years ago is a simple 10 step meditation that can be done from beginning to end in five minutes or less.

Best of all, it can be done at almost anytime from almost anywhere. See below for a link to access a file you can save and print.

Simple 10 Step Meditation to Release Negative Energies

1. Find an “alone” place – physically if possible; within yourself if not. Close eyes. Relax.
2. Take 3 to 6 deep calming breaths. On inhale imagine breathing in positive signs  +++ , then exhale minus signs  – – – . You can substitute different images just be sure to keep them neutral.
It’s not a good idea, for example, to use hearts or dollar signs so you don’t end up concentrating on broken hearts and no cash on the out-breaths. 🙂
3. Open eyes. Activate energy in hands by briskly rubbing palms together.
4. Starting near top of head, place open palms toward body and scan body imagining negative energies attaching to your palms.
5. Pause when you feel a change in your palms. (Example: prickly, heated, heavy.)
6. Visualize shaking negative energies away by reaching out as far as possible and shaking hands. – Also helpful to rinse hands under water if available. Or do exercise while showering.
7. Re-activate energy in palms and continue scanning.
8. When finished, again breathe in deeply 3 to 6 times imagining only positive energy + + + flowing in and  +++  flowing out.
Your goal is to fill yourself internally with positive energy, as well as add it to the etheric field surrounding you.
9. For internal protection: Recite aloud or to yourself a positive affirmation. (Example: I attract & release only positive energies.)
10. For external protection: Manifest a protective shield of white golden light to help guard and protect you.

This meditation is a staple for me. I do it once or twice daily. The most productive times for me are while showering, just before falling asleep each night, after (and sometimes during!) a stressful encounter, after leaving a public place, such as a trip to the mall, crowded air flight, and after driving in heavy traffic or bad weather. If you’re not the navigating the vehicle, try it while you’re trapped traveling in less than ideal conditions. You’ll find yourself arriving less stressed and harried.

Since my spirit guides first presented me with this meditation sequence I’ve had opportunities to share it with many others. I’ve never seen or read one just like it, although I notice similarities to other meditations and methods. The feedback from those I’ve share it with has been so rewarding and nothing short of remarkable. Everyone has reported noticing nearly immediate results.

One woman, whose accumulation of negative energies had been building for years, called me in tears the morning following a psychic reading I had done for her during which spirit recommended that she try this meditation, not once but at least twice daily for a couple weeks. She was crying tears of joy, she said, because for the first time in years she felt happy. She was finally able to move past the heavy depression and lack of self-confidence and esteem she’d been struggling with, fueled partially from living with an alcoholic spouse. Best of all, for the first time she felt in charge of her emotions.

How does negative energy affect you? Have you found positive ways of releasing it that you’d like to share. Have you tried this meditation?

Click link below to access a pdf version to save or print for your own use:

Recognizing and releasing negative energies

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  • I just had an amazing clearing and energy release with Kathy. I was having some challenges with my Throat Chakras, and in 5 min Kathy had cleared them! Her techniques, for clearing and body scans are such fabulous tools. Now I know what to do to release the negative energy quickly and easily any time, any where!!
    Karen Stultz,

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