Kelly McCausey and Shawn Achor

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Sharing three items worth noting in this post by Kelly McCausey on her Love People Make Money site.

1. Small scale business workshop at the beach rocks!

I had an awesome time attending Beach Camp 2017 last April. You’re bound to notice the eye-catching promotional image in her sidebar if you check out this year’s event before it starts.

Learned a lot about myself and my approach to business at Beach Camp, which is hosted by co-founders Kelly McCausey and Nicole Dean. Some of it surprised me. Some was welcome confirmation. Some was a much-needed kick in the bum.

Plus I got to meet and spend quality time with about 30 awesome women who are building and running their businesses from a foundation of passion and purpose. One thing that sets this conference apart is that a lot of free time is built right into the agenda. Plenty of time for socializing, for alone time just relaxing, for reworking on current business or future business strategies, for checking out the local scene, for extended strolls along the beautiful Daytona Beach, basically time for choosing what YOU want to do.

Sorry guys, it is for women only. Fellow women entrepreneurs … give some thought to attending this year. See more info about this year’s speakers and event details below or click here.

2. It might be time to think differently about the connection between work and happiness

Take about 12 minutes of your day to watch the Shawn Achor Ted Talk about “The Happy Secret to Better Work” that Kelly has included in her post.

Trust me. You’ll be smiling throughout and … just maybe … think differently about bringing more joy, happiness, and success into your life and business.

And for those of you thinking why didn’t I just share Shawn Achor’s video directly myself and be done with it, I have a notable reason for that, too.

3. Do what Kelly does to get more business mileage from content you share

Notice the lesson Kelly demonstrates in sharing good info from elsewhere. Think “curated content.”

First, she didn’t just post the Ted Talk video directly to Facebook. She gave it some oomph and extra meaning and Kelly-style personality by sharing it first from her site in a blog post where she took time to add a few thoughts of her own.

Then Kelly shared her blog post to Facebook in her Business Is Better Together group, which is where I first saw it.

Incidentally, if you came to read this post from a link I shared on Facebook or Twitter, did you notice I’ve done the same thing Kelly did? 🙂

For impatient folks …

If you just can’t be bothered to take a moment to watch this video that I first saw on Kelly’s post, you can watch Shawn’s presentation below.


Interested in Beach Camp 2018?

Click the image or here for all the details!

Beach Camp 2018


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