My Fast Action Friday’s guest today is John McClung Jr. One topic John’s passionate about is doing the right thing for the right reasons. That includes making practical choices about displaying common courtesy, taking responsibility for one’s actions, and helping your fellow human beings.

What John shared during our interview, in his charming, high-energy way is not new. It’s centuries-old down-to-earth advice that far too many individuals these days dismiss the importance and benefit it can be to their success. It’s about showing up in our lives, being kind, and accepting responsibilities for our choices.

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More about John’s background

In addition to being a motivational speaker, John’s a minister, founder/CEO of ‘I AM A TESTIMONY’ Clothing Collection, and collaborative author of Reclaim The Flame: Forever Leading And Masterfully Exceeding (Men of Vision Book 1), plus his own book, I Am A Testimony: Inside the Relationship Mind of a PK Preachers Kid, both reaching Amazon Best-Seller status.

His interest in service success is evident from his extensive business and training background, including a 35 year professional in the Customer Service and Leadership industry, as well as life experiences growing up in spiritual and family-focused environment.

Let Your Voice Be The Medicine To Someone’s Headache. – John McClung Jr.

He has worked with numerous businesses and several fortune 500 companies, leading their staff and employees to reach their maximum potential and abilities in serving and leading within the organizations they represent. He is a highly sought after speaker because of his ability to engage his audience, the impactful messages he presents, his high-powered delivery and dynamic stage presence.

His topic platform How to Spiritually Get Back on T.R.A.C.K. has inspired many to understand how to get back on track in their life. It is masterfully designed to help you clearly understand the steps that can be used both spiritually and naturally to get aligned with what is purposed for your life.

Additional facts about John:

  • Member of Black Belt Speakers
  • Service in the Baptist church runs deep. He’s the Elder son of the late John E. McClung Sr., former Pastor of Living Word Missionary Baptist Church in Long Beach, Ca.
  • His younger brother Andrew McClung Sr is also a pastor
  • Professional Life Coach
  • Graduate of University of Phoenix with three degrees, MBA in Bus. Man, BS/BA in Business.

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Your Turn

Do John’s 5 C’s of Service Success resonate with you? Is there one or more you feel strongly about? Is there one you feel you implement well … or that you need to work harder on?

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