It’s really quite simple. If you ask me to review your book, I’ll likely say Yes.

I love reading. I love encouraging new (and seasoned) authors.

But there are a few things I won’t do.

1. I won’t agree to review your book if I haven’t read it. Period. End of Story.

One of these will work:

  • I already own the book.
  • I’m interested enough to buy it now … for free on Amazon is cool, but optional.
  • You provide a physical or digital copy of your book.
    It can be the final version or a full pre-publication draft copy
  • If you want me to review a work-in-progress, that’s a different story. We can talk. I do offer editorial review and assistance services.

2. I won’t buy your book just because you worked so hard to create and self-publish it.

I’ve been a published writer a long, long, time. All the way back to 1971. Back before self-publishing was generally considered to be an okay thing. Back when writers took great pains to draft compelling query letters and assemble proposals that met detailed traditional book publisher guidelines. Back when a goodly number of printed newspapers and magazines still paid decent money for well-written articles.

I get it. Writing … and getting published … takes time and effort. There are costs involved.

But here’s the thing. Being a self-published author is not a badge of honor.

It’s not a bad thing. I’m not judging. It’s just the method by which your work got published. That’s it.

By the way, if you want to look up my some of my work, search my former name, Kathy Henderson. All 15 of my books to date carry that byline, including The Young Writer’s Guide to Getting Published (Writer’s Digest Books. Out of print now but some editions still floating about Amazon).

3. I won’t lie about whether I liked it or not.

My nature is to be honest and tactful when writing a review.

I’m more likely to decline submitting a review if I truly find the writing awful and scant anything between the pages to balance the bad with some good. I’ll never be mistaken for Simon Cowell.

I will explain, gently, why I’m declining. If you ask I’ll likely provide a more detailed response. For free … with the understanding that I may hurt your feelings. Don’t ask if you don’t want the feedback.

4. I won’t read your book if the genre is outside my scope of interest.

My reading interests are quite diverse. I read a lot of fiction and non-fiction. I particularly enjoy books on self-improvement, science, magic, cooking, travel, space exploration, historical fiction, a good detective mystery, young adult novels, biographies.

On rare occasions I’ll read a bit of poetry, but I never review poetry books. Not my thing. Don’t bother asking. Not gonna do it.

Also not my thing : graphic horror, weird thrillers, comic books, sci-fi that’s so out there that nothing is believable. Loved The Martian, though. And Harry Potter.

Autobiographies and personal memoirs — frankly, it depends.

5. I won’t explain how you can promote your book better.

Actually, I often do … depending on the circumstances. I’m generous with my advice when asked for. I’m active on Facebook, in my own Rocking Your Path Community, as well as others where I’m known to provide solid advice, free for the taking.

Otherwise, my coaching and editorial services are available for a fee. If you’re interested in details, click over to the Contact page and tell me what you’re thinking. I do offer a complimentary get-acquainted chat.

But don’t come asking me to review your book and expect to get lots of free marketing and promotional advice Or where to submit your masterpiece where it’s guaranteed to be accepted. You’d be surprised how many do that.

So that’s it. The bottom line, as they say.

My coaching clients know I’m big on knowing and protecting your personal and professional boundaries.

Do you have boundaries that help you manage your life and business? I’d love to hear about them … or help you define them if you’re looking for help.

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