Today’s Fast Action Fridays special guest is Cheryl Meyer, known fondly as The Health Muse. Seven years ago, Cheryl developed autoimmune disease. Her conventional doctor at the time ran a log of tests and declared she should take steroids, but also, “that I should seek therapy because there was nothing wrong with me.”

Today, she’s living a healthy, relatively pain-free life. A significant amount of her success is the direct result of Cheryl’s research and determination to find the cause behind her debilitating stress, increased body pain, leaky gut, and diminishing enjoyment of life.

Her efforts led to information about how a myriad of toxins can affect the body. Taking the lead in her own recovery, Cheryl worked to eliminate those toxins. Cheryl’s now on a mission to help others reclaim their health and their lives.

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More background about Cheryl:

  • I was an entrepreneur and turned my business over to my staff and started researching. I figured out that I had leaky gut and autoimmune disease. I eliminated hundreds of toxins and figured out how to reduce my stress (My cortisol was almost to Addison disease, but until diseased the response from my conventional MD was “what’s to do”).
  • I was in a toxic relationship which ended because of my sickness, but I met a man who wanted to join me on my get well journey. I married him 4 years ago.
  • Today I am relatively “pain free”. I am working with an amazing Functional MD.
  • My book, It Feels Good to Feel Good, Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reduce Inflammation and Feel Great Again, has won 14 awards.

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Other ways to connect Cheryl:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cherylmhealthmuse1/
Her website: https://cherylmhealthmuse.com/

Your Turn

How’s your body holding up? Are you happy, healthy, and living pain-free? What health issues are you struggling with these days? What solutions have you found most helpful?

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