About Me

Hi. I’m Kat Sturtz.

I’ve been down plenty of bumpy roads. Despite fighting overwhelm, frustration, and being downright stuck and scared at times, I’ve always found a way to clear my path and start moving forward again. It wasn’t always easy. And there are still ‘those‘ days, occasionally. You know the ones I mean.

Meditation and prayer help. However, the best and swiftest progress has come when I’ve stopped worrying, explored solutions in new ways, and sought advice from trusted mentors and coaches.

Truth is, no matter how smart or intuitive we are, we often need help getting out of our own way … someone to help us identify hidden barriers and overcome the many obstacles and ruts we encounter along our personal paths.

As an experienced author, editor, speaker, business coach, practical intuition expert, and energy techniques practitioner, my passion is helping small business entrepreneurs and service providers who:

  • Have BIG and BOLD dreams.
  • Have a history of modest triumphs but are struggling to get a new or stalled dream moving.
  • Are working hard but seriously doubting if the success they seek is really possible for them.
  • Are wondering why the same smarts and skills and persistence that produced good, even great, results before seem to be failing them now.
  • Are ready for change and committed to taking responsibility to make things happen.

In other words …

I teach determined, spiritually-minded men and women how to rock their unique paths to success by helping them uncover hidden barriers, engage their intuition, and shift into higher gear to move forward faster with more focus, clarity, and confidence. Together we use my custom blend of business and marketing strategies, personal energy techniques, and practical intuition.

Does that sound like you?

If yes, then I’d love to have a chat and see what solutions we can explore together to help you move forward. Success is in your future. The right next action steps will help get you there quicker.   Click here to schedule a free Get Acquainted Chat with me today.

By the way, friends call me Kat, rather than Kathy, and I’d love it if you did, too. You can learn more about me and what I think about intuition by clicking here.

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