More about Kat and Intuition

This ‘Kat’ nickname suits me well.

I can be very finicky, have used up several of my nine lives, and love catnaps.

Kathy Henderson-SturtzThe phrase that best describes me is: habitually curious and creatively organized

Whether we think we are or not, we are all intuitive. It’s part of being human. It’s because we are composed of energy. Everything in the Universe is. Modern technology has proven that something even as seemingly lifeless as a rock  is made up of energy particles that move and flow within it.

Some of us have learned how to access our intuition more deeply and directly than others … and to not be afraid of it. Some choose to ignore it, or to believe in coincidence, yet still acknowledge gut level feelings. Others readily acknowledge that the energy of some people feels distant, dangerous, wary or off-putting. Or just the opposite, such as when new friends instantly feel they’ve know each other forever. The energy between them is warm, loving and trusting.

Becoming more attuned to subtle energies is key to becoming more comfortable with our intuition. Why wouldn’t we want the information and guidance it can provide to us?

It does not matter if you believe in a Christian or Jewish God…or any other deity for that matter. It does not matter if you believe in a Supreme Being. Or a Universal Energy that together is greater than the sum of all our parts. It does not matter if you are agnostic or atheist. You exist because you are energy. And because you are, whether you welcome the insight or not there are times in your life when you know or feel something to be true that you can not rationally or logically explain how that knowledge...that wisdom…came to be inside you.

I’ve always been highly intuitive.

I can’t recall a time when I wasn’t. But I can pinpoint almost to the day and time when I first realized it wasn’t always safe or prudent to tell others, particularly adults, what I was sensing intuitively. For a long time I deliberately avoided learning more about intuition and how our psyches and senses can work energetically with one another. Yet, I also knew…in fact, reminded myself on numerous occasions…that a day would come when I would be ready to explore the endless possibilities and opportunities that developing my intuition would provide.

That day came July 15, 1971. It’s the day I came out of a coma having survived with major medical intervention several complications following the birth of my first child.

I took notice. I got it. I know I’m supposed to pay attention. I know I supposed to do something with this intuition of mine. I acknowledged then what I’d really known all my life… that I was supposed to share what I knew and it was finally time to deliberately learn more about our human energy systems and how that energy interacts with others, our world and the entire Universe. But most importantly, the challenge that came strongest to mind was this:

How could I use my intuition in practical ways every day to improve my life and the lives of those around me?

To learn more about my philosophy on ourselves as intuitive energy beings, why as children we are freely intuitive, yet so many adults either fear or poo-poo its relevance and wisdom, and the importance of rediscovering this ability I invite you to read the the interview I did with Terra Spencer in 2011.  Here’s the link (no opt-in required): CLICK HERE.

It’s amazing, not to mention a bit daunting, to see how far the Internet and World Wide Web have come in such a relatively short time. However, as a highly intuitive someone who was using online resources before there was such as the Internet as we use it today — I used to dial into CompuServe, GEnie and various university online library catalogs — I can’t say that I’m entirely surprised.

The habitually curious side of me remains fascinated by science in general, as well as new developments and expanding uses of more traditional means of communication.

It even appeals to the sensitive and spiritual side of me. Still, I prefer the comfort and feel of the more ordinary world — curling up with a good book in a comfortable armchair, sipping hot fragrant herbal tea with my calico cat, Jiffy, snuggled in my lap, puttering about the yard tending the garden and flowerbeds, feeding the goldfish in my tiny pond, enjoying a theater performance (on-stage or from the audience), traveling off the beaten path, or leisurely strolling the rooms of historic buildings hand-in-hand with my wonderful hubby.

Hurray for worldly advancements in technology but thank God (Universal Spirit, if you prefer) that we still can reach out to touch, see, hear, smell, taste and intuit all that the amazing Universe has to offer. I hope you’ll be a frequent visitor here.

By the way, previously published books and articles carry my byline as: Kathy Henderson. In November 2013, I began using just Kat Sturtz for business.

My full name is Kathleen Henderson-Sturtz. But all my friends, clients and most family members call me Kat now…rather than Kathy… and I’d love it if you did, too.

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