What the heck is 56 Vibes?

LOL. Yes, the question about the name. 🙂

Intuition for Success copyrighted logoThe most relevant answer is that I do a lot of coaching about developing one’s intuition and using it practical ways. This includes using our energies (vibes, 6th sense, gut instincts, whatever you prefer to call them) in conjunction with our 5 senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling the things we can physically touch. In other words, not thinking of our 6th sense as something odd or irrelevant or spooky or disjointed from the rest of our senses, but rather as an extension of our senses.

Another connection is that in numerology 56 reduces to 11, which is considered a master number associated with bravery, acceptance of what has been and will be, of release of personal mythology and opening to divine powers. I think that’s not only spot on for my situation at the time I committed to my new business name, 56 Vibes Services, it’s pretty darn cool.
– By the way, 4 is the numerology number of  my house address ( 121 = 1+2+1=4).  It’s considered the number of complete balance, of foundation and stability. Not bad for a home business, eh. 😉

However, the initial reason for using 56 was that in 2008 when I decided to change my focus from marketing and writing services to coaching with a special nod to spirituality, intuition, and tapping, which also warranted a company name change as well from Henderson PR & Marketing, I got STUCK. Everything I brainstormed was either already taken as a domain name or longer than the 8 or less characters I wanted it to be, or clunky. Or just as listless as an intuitive vibe can get.

So I tapped and ended up with a What the Hell! kind of answer, and eventually gave in to the vibes sparking inside me and accepted what came: 56 was my age the year I made the name change.

There are other interesting connections to the number 56 that came to light after I registered my new business name.  I’ll be sharing those stories from time to time.  Stay tuned!

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