I’m a big fan of Canva for creating blog post images, thumbnails for YouTube videos, and image-rich documents, such as ebooks, PDFs, workshop handouts, and more.

I’ve got a Canva Pro account, but its free version may be all you’ll ever need. Check out Canva here.

It’s always surprised me that with all its many options, features, and filters, there is no text effect to automatically add a shadow outline to text.

Good news is, it’s easy to add a shadow manually. I’m going to show you how in today’s Quick Tech Tip.

Click arrow in top left corner to play video:

It’s a simple as that

I’ll admit that unless you’re a trained graphic designer creating some designs from scratch can be tricky. That’s why I often start from one of the awesome Canva templates that Sarah Young of Biz Template Babe has designed.

How much do I love Sarah’s templates? I bought ALL of her packages. Just one of the tips I learned more than paid for itself in savings of time, effort and frustration.

You can get a free sample packet from the Biz Template Babe by clicking here.

(Yep, my affiliate link … but hey, it’s a free gift!)

  • This is a quick tip for adding drop shadow on Canva.I learned it some time back on Udemy but had forgotten.This was a good reminder . Thank you for sharing.

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