I’ve been to Italy twice. Spent time inside grand churches, like the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and the Basilica di Santa Croce in Florence, the Pisa Cathedral in Pisa, and St Peter’s in Vatican City.

But I’ve never been to Milan. Not physically.

However, now after watching Andrea Bocelli’s Music for Hope concert, broadcast live from the majestic Duomo Milan Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020 on YouTube, I feel like I’ve been there. I recognize the sense of having been inside the duomo.

Did You Listen?

When I listened I had the same feeling I have when thinking back to strolling through the grand cathedrals in Florence, Pisa, and Rome, as well as those in Barcelona, Spain, Monte Carlo in Monaco, and several in southern France. The echoing sounds within the expanse of space and architecture designed to impress upon one’s senses and reverence of thought. All those gorgeous marbled tile floors. And I’m walking on them. Oh, my!

Having listened to the replay, I wish I’d known about Bocelli’s Easter broadcast in time to listen to it live.

Amazing Grace is my favorite of what he sang, partly because of how the photos of empty streets in major cities helped bring home that we are not alone. Even when in government ordered shelter-in-home, we are not isolated. Not really. We remain together, all part of this celestial globe we call Earth. I love that current technology has made it possible to share with others — in real time.

Click the arrow in top corner and listen to the performance yourself.

Please note the video is from Andrea Bocelli’s own YouTube channel. The replay contains commercial breaks that are part of his channel. I have not added anything. I did purchase editorial rights to Bocelli’s photo in the post image.

My only purpose is to share something inspiring and hopeful and beautiful. It matters not what your personal choice in religion or faith is or is not.

Interested in more about the cathedral in Milan? Click here to access its official site that includes a 360° virtual tour. Visit Andrea Bocelli’s Facebook page here.

Did you catch Bocelli’s live broadcast? What are your thoughts on what he sang, and how the someone in city of Milan brought this idea into fruition?

Please share in the Comments.

  • I watched it and was inspired as well. It was powerful just watching him walk out of the front doors of the Duomo to the top of the steps, alone. Then, when those photos of Paris, London and New York City were shown I, too, felt a comfort knowing we are not in this alone. From the words of Amazing Grace I was reminded that God is my anchor and the pictures reminded me of how big God is to lead us all through this.
    I highly recommend it. The only disappointment? He only sang three songs. Oh how I wanted more!

  • I missed it too but have enjoyed other times he has sung with his powerful voice! I have been to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, beautiful as all of them are in Italy. Story when we were visiting, I ended up getting sick and having a bad coughing fit during Mass. I went out to the hall where a Priest took me into the office and gave me some water….from the Baptismal fountain!

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