In today’s post, my good friend, Aaron, shares how he came to recognize one of his animal totems, and the important personal message they bring for him.

DeerMy animal totem is a deer. I have repeated experiences of them trying to get my attention.

I hit my first deer at 16 years of age. I was having trouble with my girlfriend at the time. I have hit seven other deer over the years. The last one actually hit me when I was sitting still in the road and he ran right into the side of my wife’s GMC Jimmy and killed himself. All these hits don’t even include all the near misses I have had throughout my life.

It wasn’t until I was talking on the phone with one of my meditation friends – and almost hit another one – that someone finally pointed out that it was possible that deer were my spirit guides, and trying to get my attention. I’m sometimes slow on getting new things. 🙂
When I see them now, which is almost daily, they will be standing and watching for me to guide me along my path. They give me a warm feeling as I watch them watching me go by.

When I am meditating they are there and help to guide me on my path. They don’t actually speak to me, but I know what they think about my questions intuitively by just looking into their eyes.

Are your Spirit guides trying to get your attention? Are you ready for them if they do get your attention?

Thanks for sharing, Aaron. And for those two excellent questions. What about it readers. Do you have spirit guides trying to get your attention? Are you missing their signals?
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  • The Red Hawk came to me in a meditation, but as my native guide’s name, and ever since I have been seeing this beautiful creature more often now.

  • Davina,
    Care to elaborate?
    What do you think is the message the Red Hawk has for you? Does it seem the Red Hawk is more a protector, like a guardian angel? Or do the feelings / impressions / insight you get change depending on the circumstances?

  • The few main important times I’ve seen it was after I left a job interview, which I did not end up getting the job, and the day I decided to go back to being single recently. Other times I’ve just seen it floating about. The main times I’ve seen it, I’ve had a sense of comfort, it’s gonna be ok type of feeling. Not sure of the protector/angel feeling…

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