Woohoo! Lynette Chandler is my special guest for today’s Fast Action Fridays. Sometimes we’re so engrossed in loving … or trying to love our business … that I think we don’t talk about dealing with our emotions and actions when the love’s just not there. Have a listen and share what your experience has been.

Lynette Chandler is long known among the online marketing circle as a WordPress Developer and go-to tech gal, but she also has a not-so-secret talent for designing planners and journals.

It might seem like a huge difference between the two, but Lynette thinks not. It is all because of her desire to constantly look for ways to get things done efficiently without sacrificing self, family or health.

That is why she finds joy in seeking, creating and sharing tools entrepreneurs can use, be it with tech, journals, or planners.

Fun Facts about Lynette:

  • Lynette was once a telemarketer (so was Kat!)
  • She can speak 3 languages
  • She can read and write in 2 languages

Other ways to connect Lynette:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thriveanywhere/
Instagram https://instagram.com/thriveanywhere
Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/thrivinanywhere/

Click here to get a free copy of Lynette’s Effortless Webinar Planner.

Your Turn

What’s your ongoing relationship with your business? Talking love-dovey still … or divorce proceeding?

Would love to know how you’ve dealt with this issue. Or any questions or other comments you’d like to share.

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