Goals. We all have them … but are they helping us achieve the true results we’re after? On today’s Fast Action Fridays, my special guest Leslie Flowers shares insight into the art and science of results, including how important the approach we take in setting goals helps set us up for success … or failure.

Leslie Flowers, a true trailblazer for women in business, has spent the last twelve years of her twenty-six year personal development career mastering the “Art of Results” in her flagship program. It’s a process that Leslie says allows her clients to quickly “Ask for what they deserve … and get it.”

While Leslie works primarily with women already well-established in their businesses and generating considerable steady revenue, her thoughts and fast action tips are equally relevant for those just beginning their corporate careers, starting new businesses, as well as those seeking to get better, more results from their current path.

Don’t miss the Fun and Unusual Facts About Leslie section below for a real treat in our ever popular bet-you-couldn’t-have-guessed-that feature. Then check out her free Art of Results MasterClass 5-Day Intensive.

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Confidence is a muscle that is growing in direct proportion to its use.

Leslie Flowers

More about Leslie

Leslie Thomas Flowers, is a certified business consultant and coach LSC, certified keynote speaker CS, 5-time Amazon best-selling author. Her career spans forty-five years in corporate, twenty-five years in personal development, with the last twelve years mastering universal business principles and laws to teach her clients, primarily 21st century women thought leaders, to “Ask for what they deserve … and get it,” helping to close the wage gap now, rather than mid-century.

Her high-performance women’s business teaching mastermind (nee mavenZmind) clients, now in its seventh year, is based on her program the Eight Essentials of Performance and Achievement, helps her clients ‘master the art of confidence.’ Her robust year long mastermind opens on the quarter.

Leslie is a global thought leader teaching women the implementation of timeless success concepts with her 2015 best seller Champion: 21st Century Women: Guardians of Wealth & Legacy on Amazon alongside Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and many other turn of the twentieth century thought leaders.

Champion book by Leslie Flowers

She used her 45 years in large document production in corporate to support her own self publishing effort and served as a gold standard line and fulfillment editor for a total of sixteen books, bringing more than 45 authors to best seller status.

It is Leslie’s clear gift of articulating complex concepts in simple, 21st century terms for women that allows her audiences to ‘get’ and act on what she teaches right away.

Leslie lives close to her children and grandchildren and refers to herself as a #NanaPreneur and an #UberNana, enjoying the magical combination of living an entrepreneur’s life, FINALLY and ultimately, by design!

Fun and Unusual facts about Leslie:

  • 1963 (between junior and senior year in high school, attended UCLA drama school and performed on stage for Burt Lancaster (and others).
  • Eight years ballet (three on point)
  • At San Francisco State in early 60s, sang in a folk rock band.
  • Lived down the hill from Janis Joplin.
  • Stewardess late 60s taking troops into and out of Vietnam. Six trips, 2 weeks each, with two days in Hawaii, Philippines, and Japan before coming home.
  • Attended as guest of Grimme Modeling Agency, the opening of American Zoetrope, film company started by Francis Ford Coppola.

Get the Free Resource

Leslie’s next free Art of Results MasterClass 5-Day Intensive is scheduled to run online October 5-9, 2020. During the event she’s share the secret of implementing the “12 Golden Rules of Results” in your business immediately. Click here to register.

She says, “Using this simple, repeatable process to set any goal will yield you the same consistent, predictable results (97% range) my clients have enjoyed for the last 28 business quarters.”

This masterclass intensive is interactive, low tech, and includes a workbook. Live (and recorded) sessions are scheduled at 1:00 pm est for five days.

NOTE: If you missed this event, be sure to join Leslie’s free One Woman’s Voice Facebook group where you’ll find updated event information, additional free resources, strategic advice, and networking opportunities.

Other ways to connect with Leslie:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeslieFlowersCSLSC/
Her Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/onewomansvoice
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lflowers/
Website: http://www.leslie-flowers.com/

Your Turn

Have you been getting the results from your goal-setting efforts?

Do you agree with Leslie that focusing on the what you want is the key to getting results versus focusing … and worrying … about the how?

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