In this episode, Fast Action Fridays guest Sherri-Lee Woycik shares her best tips on how you can attract more followers and potential clients to your Facebook page. It can be easier and quicker than you ever imagined. Learn the strategy that Sherri-Lee used herself and now teaches others as a Facebook Ads and marketing expert and owner of Social Media Minder.

Listen and see if you’re what we call a Purposeful Entrepreneur. Our discussion also covered some of the components of successful relationship marketing.

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Fun and Unusual facts about Sherri-Lee:

  • YIKES – I was wrongly arrested in Monaco in the 80’s.
  • I could eat pizza every day, I love 80’s music and k-pop.
  • I’m pretty unconventional.

Get the Free Resource

Click here to access the 4 Steps to Attract More Clients to Your Facebook Page, the free resource mentioned in the interview.
BONUS: You can also get 30 Days of Social Media Content also FREE from Sherri-Lee. Click here.

Other ways to connect Sherri-Lee:

Website: https://www.socialmediaminder.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sociamediaminder

Your Turn

I love Sherri-Lee’s recommendation “to be personal not intimate” when posting on social media. Do you agree? Is deciding how much of your personal life to share a challenge for you?

If yes, what do you see as your biggest problem? Deciding what to share or how to convey your experiences in ways that your followers and potential clients can easily relate to.

Please share in the comments below or in the Rocking Your Path Community on Facebook.

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