We’re talking how clever automating and outsourcing some of your work can help you become much more productive on today’s Fast Action Fridays.

My guest, Zsófia Bányai, is a business automation and outsourcing specialist working with a variety of companies on and offline. A digital nomad, we spoke from her current base in Hungary for this episode in which she shares her top three tips for getting started planning for and implementing automation and outsourcing in your business.

I personally love how Zsófia was able to highlight her expertise as well as business focus with her business http://www.myprocess.es/ domain name. Be sure to check out the special resources she has available to help you plan and manage your own automation and outsourcing.

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Tip 1: Eliminate unnecessary tasks you are doing.

Zsófia Bányai

More about Zsófia

Zsófia of Myprocesses helps busy entrepreneurs to automate and outsource their time consuming tasks without sacrificing their profit. If you are looking to make the 4 hour work week a reality or simply avoid burnout then take to heart and implement what she advises.

Like many of us, her career path began in one direction until she pivoted to something more personally appealing to her. She has degrees in both in History and in Finance, which is an unusual background combination. Zsófia uses it to her advantage as it enables her to look at business problems in a different light. She truly believes entrepreneurs should not be the employees of their company.

Burnout is a real problem for business owners, says Zsófia, but with a carefully set of processes (SOPs) plus efficient outsourcing, solopreneurers and small business owners can avoid such breakdowns. Some can even achieve their dream of 4 hour work week.

As an operational outsourcing manager, Zsófia maps out processes to spot tasks for automation and outsourcing, and she can also help businesses handle the whole process with backup solutions and training as well.

Fun and Unusual facts about Zsófia:

  • She speaks Arabic
  • She’s a Digital Nomad travelling full-time
  • She has a 3 legged dog (a tripod) that has an artificial leg, exactly like Oscar Pistorius has. They even go to running competition together

Get the Free Resources

Zsófia shared three free documents the listens will find helpful. One is a Canva template called Statement of Work template that can be used both by freelancers or by entrepreneurs who outsource. It helps you think over the tasks that are outsourced and write the most important details down in order to ensure proper communication and safe delivery. Save and download what your completed template as a PDF.

If you don’t already have a Canva account (which I use daily for creating graphics, ebooks, and more), check it out here.

The other free resources include an Outsourcing Decision Guide and an ebook about Outsourcing Mistakes. You can access all three resources on her MyProcesses website here.

Other ways to connect with Zsófia:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myprocess.es
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoNBsrPF6cNkCP2SLXc3xqw
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/myprocesses/

Your Turn

Have you created a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for your small business yet? If not, what’s holding you back. Do you struggle with plans to automate or use outsourcing options?

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