Today’s Fast Action Fridays episode post title with Art Remnet is true. Why? Because when it comes to whether or not it’s wise to have a working system in place for automatically backing up important digital files, there’s only one answer. Yes, it’s that important. Do it. Now.

It’s not a matter of IF you’ll ever need that backup to help you recover from a technical glitch or full-blown disaster, it’s only a matter of when. Not having a backup system in place before you need it is the epitome of waiting until the horse breaks free to fix the barn door.

There are other benefits to having a backup system besides the eventual likelihood of technical problems. For instance, what do you do if your laptop gets stolen and its hard drive is the only home for some of your important documents? What if you need a quick and easy way to transfer files to a new computer system?

Art’s a Tech and Internet Marketing Expert with years of experience under his belt. Heed his advice in today’s episode as he explains his top three action steps and reasons behind having a viable backup system in place.

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Fun and Unusual facts about Art:

  • Loves taking photos
  • Loves cooking, especially grilling
  • Married to a woman who also enjoys cooking

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Your Turn

Have you left your business at risk because you haven’t set-up a reliable system to back up your most important files? Do you have a favorite cloud backup service? Have you ever lost important files due to technical problems or lack of a backup plan?

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