We’re talking about HSP’s and HSE’s on today’s Fast Action Fridays. Those letters stand for Highly Sensitive People and Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs. Are you one? About 20 percent of the world’s population are. Stay tuned to find out!

My guest Barbera Schouten, from The Netherlands, is an experienced transformation coach, speaker, and author. She created the HSP Super Power System® and is the founder of the HSPower Academy.

Not surprisingly, we hit it right off as I quickly realized that I fit the descriptions for being both an HSP and HSE myself. If you’re a client, fan, or follower of mine, I’m guessing it’s very likely you are a smart and highly sensitive individual, too. Check out our interview to learn more and see if I’m right. 🙂 Let me know in the comments!

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Life is so much more beautiful when you are being who you were meant to be.

Barbera Schouten

More about Barbera

Barbera has been a guest speaker on various TV Shows, Podcasts and Blogs and her goals is always to inspire and help others to gain a better understanding of how to be 100% Yourself and how to make a lasting and transformative change to improve their lives.

She has helped thousands of highly sensitive people (HSP’s) and other energy sensitive aliens all over the world to embrace and accept themselves fully and connect to their true, authentic self discovering their passion & calling and devising effective energy, stress and emotion management strategies so they can finally create a life for themselves that makes their heart sing.

She has written three e-books and three online programs, plus and she regularly writes blogs on LinkedIn that have helped even more people to “come out of the closet’. She has her own TV Show called HSP TV on YouTube where she talks about all things HSP, energy and entrepreneurship related.

Barbera’s style can best be described as easy-going and down-to-earth with a big dose of genuine love, care & compassion. She helps emphatic, intuitive, ambitious aliens go from overwhelm and confusion to clarity and peace of mind by combining practical knowledge and personal experience with useful tips, great strategies and amazing tools.

Kat Note: How fun is that description — intuitive ambitious aliens!

Learn more about her story, her previous career as a project manager at an IT firm, and what happened when, in her words, “… it all fell apart” at https://bit.ly/371qVUs

Fun and Unusual facts about Barbera:

  • She’s an extroverted HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)
  • She loves to dance
  • Says, “I am much better with animals than humans.”

Get the Free Resource

Join Barbera’s free 5 day Roadmap to Living a Life You Love here. She runs it live eight times a year. The next one (at the time of this post) begins September 7, 2020.

During the workshop you’ll learn how to create a life and business for yourself that makes your heart sing! 🙂 See the page here for more details.

Other ways to connect with Barbera:

Click here for her details media sheet. Or look for her on many social media platforms as: /HSPCOACHBARBERA

And check out her YouTube channel here.

Your Turn

So are you a Highly Sensitive Person and a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur? Have you let that help or hinder you in your life and career choices? Let me know.

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