Rev Kat Henderson-Sturtz
Rev. Kat – EFT Coach

Much of my time is devoted to helping individuals overcome personal performance issues, such as limiting beliefs, phobias, bad habits and self-sabotaging behavior. Helping others move past the things that prevent them from pursuing and experiencing their true potential is both challenging and rewarding.

Because I am not a licensed health professional, I do not diagnose medical problems nor make any claims to cure any health or medically-related problems or illnesses for humans or animals.

I do, however, believe that everything is energy. And when our energies are out of balance it is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to work, love and live life to our best, fullest and healthy potential. Working to remove disruptions in our energy systems helps dissolve barriers that keep us stuck, out of sync, fearful, discouraged, disappointed and yearning for relief.

Like Gary Craig, founder of EFT, I believe 100% in the validity of this statement:

“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”

Contact me to discuss an energy technique that may help you.

EFT is simple to learn and offers astounding results. For tons of free information about EFT methods visit www.emofree.com [Gary retired in 2009, his site closed], the original site by EFT founder Gary Craig. Please note that the site will only be available until March 2010 as, per Gary, he is retiring. However, EFT and tapping information is easily found with a simple Internet search.  And, of course, more information will be posted here on 56 Vibes.

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