Yvonne A JonesYvonne A Jones aimed a big spotlight on the importance of building … and keeping … a good relationship with customers and clients on this week’s episode of Fast Action Fridays.

Stop focusing so much on finding new buyers and start deepening the bonds of know, like, and trust with your current ones. Yvonne’s helpful tips included taking a objective look at your current business and branding. Is it in need of a makeover?

Listen to the replay to see if that applies to you and your business. And for the keys about focusing on relationship building during your business makeover planning and execution.

Watch the replay below.


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  • I had a great time on your show,Kat, and it was a delight discovering how closely our values are aligned regarding the Customer Experience and Cusromer Relationship.

    Thanks for having me on as a guest on the Fast Action Friday Show.

    • My pleasure, Yvonne. The business insight and information you shared was valuable, especially for solopreneurs who are wondering if it’s time for them to review their sites and start planning and executing a business makeover. Staying stuck or having inconsistent limited success is reason enough to decide “Enough is enough. Time for a makeover!”

      Looking forward to having you back on the show in the future.

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