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Why Connect With Kat Sturtz?

My passion is helping time and cash-strapped solopreneurs build a profitable home-based business. 

I especially love helping clients break free from despair, leaking money, or making little at all.

What about You? What keeps you up at night, tossing and turning trying to figure out how to get past all the obstacles life throws at you?

Lifeline Coaching

My premier Lifeline Private Coaching program is for those serious about rocking their unique path to success. I only accept a handful of private clients to work with each quarter.

Group Programs

Free and low-fee focused group programs are hosted throughout the year. Members of the Rocking Your Path Community are always invited first and enjoy the best discounts.

Courses & Resources

The Rocking Your Path Member Center contains a growing library of resources, mini-trainings, and courses designed to help your rock your life and business.

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I loved working with Kat! Her positivity is contagious and her coaching is spot on. She was my first ever biz coach and her wisdom helped me make smart decisions regarding my business growth in a way that honored my vision.

Gina Glenn Certified Online Business Manager & Copy Creator

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It’s refreshing to discover a technically savvy person who connects intuitively to help identify challenges and come up with sensible solutions fast. That’s Kat Sturtz in spades! Thank you for your insights. You are definitely on my SHEro list.

Donna Blevins

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I just wanted to give a huge thank you to Kat Sturtz for the amazing call this morning! Thanks for the advice, encouragement & swift kick in the rear that I needed to get myself back together.

Ashley Hoops

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In a single 1 hour session with her, I went from confused to "ah ha" and knew exactly what to do next (without overwhelm, thank goodness) to move my business forward.

Jerilynne "MamaRed" Knight

Let's Get to Rocking Your Dreams!

Building a Business

Let's be honest. It takes guts to even dream about growing a successful solopreneur business. The smarts you can learn over time. You'll hit your share of ruts and bumps along the way, too. Plus, despite your tendency to wear all the hats all the time, truth is you don't need to... and shouldn't... rock that path all by your lonesome. Learn more about starting and growing a solid, money-saving, money-making, satisfying business with resources in this section.

Marketing and Promotion

Clients, biz friends, and followers know me as The Purgatory Relief Coach for People Who Think Marketing Is Hell.

Marketing is necessary but it needn't leave you feeling stuck between Heaven and Hell. And it doesn't need to be expensive, hard to do, or leave you feeling icky at the end of the day either. Not when you follow the marketing strategies, tactics, and advice I love most. Top on that list: If you don't like being marketed to in a particular way then don't use that method in your own marketing. Doesn't matter if it's being touted as the current best tactic to use. If you don't like it, it's likely your target niche doesn't either.

BTW, did you know I'm a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach? Yep. I love its focus on getting the best results from the least amount of time, energy, and expense put into it. But I'm not fond of the "guerrilla" warfare tone of its name. It also doesn't resonate well with my target audience... which is why I use the Purgatory Relief Coach moniker instead. Such a very Guerrilla Marketing thing for me to do.

Mindset and Motivation

Your WHY provides your motivation. Your mindset rules the path. Ignore them and your life and business will suffer. Treat them both with the respect they deserve. You're worth it. Be first to believe in You!

Rocking Your Life

It's impossible to separate life and business when you work from home, especially when you're also the boss. Juggling the dynamics takes extra effort and awareness. That's why I include helpful insight, advice and tips for rocking your life on this site. 

From the Fast Action Fridays Podcast

We all have a history and the Fast Action Fridays show is no exception. It first aired April 4, 2014. Go here to learn more about its history... and here if you'd like to be a featured guest. Links to a few shows are listed. See all available past shows here. 

More How To Articles

Increase Your Productivity

There will be many times when getting things done just needs to get done. Learning how to rock those tasks saves time, money, and energy.

Tools and Technology

With so many tools and technology to choose from these days, choosing what's best for your situation can be tricky. Find help here.

What's Your Next Step Gonna Be?

You're in charge. You get to decide what your next step will be. Yes... You!

Don't let fear or uncertainty, overwhelm or frustration, past failures or lack of resources keep you hostage.

Those feelings are real and they have their place. Just don't let them stop you from pursuing your dreams and goals.

Life's a journey... Make it a good one!

  • Be first to believe in you! And if that's too hard to do just yet, let me and others in the Rocking Your Path Community encourage and support you.
  • Stop waiting for the perfect time and conditions. Something will always be in the way until you decide to find a way around it.
  • It's okay if you aren't sure which path to follow or what step to take next. There are many paths that lead to success. But you must be willing to explore to find the best one for you to follow right now. You can always backtrack or pivot. Standing still gets you nowhere.

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