We’re talking about how to create a strategic system to run your business efficiently on today’s Fast Action Fridays.

Seriously! My interview with Brook Borup is definitely one of my favorites ever! She shared such valuable information, insights, and how-to tips.

Delegating doesn’t need to be hard or expensive when you do it wisely and from a clear understanding of what you’re gaining in return.

Also, both of us believe that sometimes hiring help is out of reach when there’s no available cash to do it. Not having money is a real thing for many of us at various points in our lives.

However, Brook’s advice can help you know when it’s the right time to invest in virtual help, as well as help you understand which tasks would be most productive for you to pass off. When done right, you’ll be more productive in your business and that can increase your sales.

When it comes to automation and delegation for small businesses, no one does it better than Brook Borup. Driven by the desire to see small business owners spend more time away from their business doing what they love, Brook has developed systems and methodologies helping countless business owners around the world do more of what they love. Whether it’s growing your business by passively attracting leads or creating automation sequences to spend less time on marketing, Brook has a back-end tool to get your business moving in the right direction.

Full disclosure: As you’ll hear towards the end of this episode I met with Brook to see if her team could help me with a project that I was growing weary of because it had so many moving parts, each of which took gobs of time to deal with.

I did indeed go ahead and hire Brook, and Sarah, the team member assigned to me did a wonderful job with the project I handed off. I’ve been able to streamline and automate even more of tasks associated with my Fast Action Fridays show which saves me so much more time. I’m enjoying my Fast Action Fridays task time again.

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Start ugly. Just Start. We were never meant to wear all of the hats.

Brook Borup

More about Brook

For Brook Borup, staying close to her roots is something that’s always been important. Being the descendant of a grandfather who sold hats during the Michigan winters of The Great Depression, it’s no surprise that entrepreneurship and hustle are in her blood. Brook has dedicated her life to helping business owners live out their dreams by teaching them how to free their time to do the things they love while supporting those around them with their business.

After spending years in corporate America, Brook realized that wasn’t her calling despite how great she was at supporting executives and building relationships as a staff communicator and motivator.

Witnessing corporate waste and greed, along with the inefficiencies stemming from red tape and bureaucracy, Brook quickly became disenchanted with the traditional nine to five and realized there was a more fulfilling way. Being surrounded by empathy-lacking, profit-driven, cooperate lackeys, she knew she needed to get back to her Michigan roots where words and a handshake meant almost as much as blood.

Working in the corporate environment, Brook witnessed the levels of productivity achieved from the systems and processes and it was undeniable. Even though these systems were often structured where only a small group of people truly profited, Brook realized that with a bit of tweaking and the right heart behind it, she could change the lives of small business owners forever.

With that, My Clone Solution was formed. Brook sought to harness the power of automation and delegation to simplify systems and develop processes to make small businesses run more efficiently.

This, in turn, would free up time for business owners, letting them spend time outside of their business doing other things they loved.

Brook Borup wants to keep small business owners in the business. She’s seen enough business owners have to make the hard choice between their kid’s little league game or more hours in their business.

She understands that the stakes are higher with small business owners because every penny spent on a product or service could be a child’s dance lesson, food on the table, or the family vacation they haven’t had in years.

My Clone Solution was founded on Brook’s vision that everyone deserves help. Brook’s dream is for everyone to live their dreams. Brook and her loyal team of Clones strive to make this a reality every single day.

Fun and Unusual facts about Brook:

  • Hobbies have to make me money or satisfy my needs in some way because productivity is always on my mind.
  • I love cultivating minds and teaching people. This is the backbone of success for me.
  • I come most alive when teaching from stage either in person or virtual because it gives me the passion of teaching and implementation at the same time.

Get the Resources

Brook has graciously offered all Fast Action Fridays listeners the opportunity to schedule a free 22 minute ask her anything call. Click here to book a time now.

During your “Hey Brook! I Have a Question!” session, Brook will also offer you additional freebies based on exactly what you need for your business based on the question you asked.

Other ways to connect with Brook:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myclonesolution/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brookborup/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/myclonesolutionbb/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MyCloneSolution

Your Turn

Do you get confused about which task you need to delegate and use the time to expand your business instead? Do you keep repeating the same task and want to automate it? Or are you struggling to create a system that works perfectly with your business model?

If you want to chat, schedule a meeting with me here.

And also, don’t forget to schedule a free consult with Brook to ask a question that can help you wisely delegate, free up more time, and help you earn more money in your business.

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