That’s just what Tassey Russo of Level Up Solutions and I did when we challenged ourselves to co-host our first Blab.  

We set two goals:

  • Tackle our procrastination on learning to use a new technology. How new? Blab just launched April 2015 and as I’m writing this on November 17, 2015, it still promoted itself as in Beta format.
    – Both Tassey and I had previously attended a couple Blabs and felt immediately that the format jived with our relationship-building personalities and preferences. But we were still hesitant to just jump in an host our own individually.
  • In addition to learning the hosting controls by actually doing it live (warts, cyber-gremlin potentials and all) we wanted to share something of value with whoever attended live or watched the replay. It only took a moment or so to realize what we were struggling with at that moment was likely an excellent discussion topic.

Happy to report both goals were met and exceeded our expectations. Over 25 attended our first Blab, with several sharing live in the guest seat and many others engaging in the written chat. 

Here’s the replay. And do share in the comments what challenges you face in your business, as well as some of the tips or actions you take to get yourself out of a business rut. 


Follow us on Blab: 

Kat Sturtz: https://blab.im/katsturtz
Tassey Russo: https://blab.im/tasseyrusso

We had two main goals:

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