A Call to Sedona, by Ilchi Lee

Did you get a copy? Can hardly wait for mine to arrive. I've had to satisfy my curiosity by reading the previews and sample text on Amazon

While I found Sedona much too dry for this water sign gal to live there full time, I loved my week-long trip a few years back with friends. In addition to feeling all the amazing energies that flow in and around the area, the highlight for me was finding a tiny raw amethyst in a dry creek bed we were hiking.

The afternoon sun was just beginning to slip behind a stand of majestic red rock. As I stretched to step up the incline I noticed something glisten between my feet. It was the amethyst lying there nonchalantly, barely an edge wedged into the soil. No matter that it was no larger than a baby tooth. It reached out with several well-defined crystal points. And its color is the same as the sky on the cover of The Call to Sedona

I love that little gem as much today as when I first cradled it in my palm for the trek back to where we had parked near Red Rock Crossing. Despite its size, it speaks to me in the way silent, invisible energies are wont to do.

"Millions of people visit Sedona each year, drawn by its amazing red rocks, striking sunsets, and sense of peace. But Sedona has much more to offer than its incredible beauty," says Ilchi Lee. Sedona, he argues, has a unique power to open people's eyes to the magnificence of the Earth and their own souls, and to uplift their consciousness. In his new book, Lee describes how anyone can achieve enlightenment, purpose, and fulfillment by experiencing the true spirit of Sedona-even without stepping onto Sedona's soil.

If it's still November 8, 2011, when you're reading this, it's not too late to take advantage of over 16 special gifts that you can receive by purchasing The Call to Sedona on Amazon today. 

Here are just a few of the special gifts being offered:

  • Free downloads of some of  Ilchi Lee's guided meditations, such as LifeParticles Meditation and Audio Nature Meditation
  • A special lecture video from Lee's September 2011 lecture to Sedona residents at the Sedona meditation center where he answered questions on the nature of meditation and its power and impact in our lives.
  • An ebook version of Lee's Principles of Brain Management: A Practical Approach to Making the Most of Your Brain (BEST Life Media, 2007).
  • plus many other ebooks, ecourses, as well as a variety of consultation sessions from a great line-up of spiritual coaches and sites. I'm proud to be part of such as esteemed group.

If you missed out on the big launch with all its additional goodies, still consider getting a copy of The Call to Sedona.

Incidentally, to give back to Sedona for all that he has received from it, Ilchi Lee is donating 30% of his royalties from The Call of Sedona to local charities.

And, just in case you were wondering, I'm not making so much as a penny off book sales.

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