Meditating doesn’t need to take an hour or more of your time. You’ll reap many benefits with even a few minutes of daily meditation.

Do you include meditation in your daily routine?

Share your opinions and advice in the comment section below. Let others benefit from your experiences.

The 6 Phase Meditation Infographic
Courtesy of Mind Valley Academy


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    • Hi April. Find that time! 🙂 BTW, one of the tools in my free Next Step Action Kit is my meditation technique that can be done anywhere anytime in five minutes or less. It’s called Quick Negative Energy Release Scan. Check it out on the home page or search the blog for the post.

      Let me know if you have any trouble getting it. I’m smack in the middle of switching my list provider and other behind-the-scenes software so you may catch us before all the links are updated.

      Hope to see you here again.

    • I’m a fan of affirmations, too, Sue. However, I find that unless I’m willing to tweak the wording of them so my psyche doesn’t contradict the message I’m trying to convey, affirmations can add to stress rather than relieve it.

      What do I mean by that? Consider a client trying to lose weight who is using as an affirmation something like, “I am healthy and at my ideal weight.” If that’s not a true statement for my client, especially if it’s way off, I find that saying the affirmation does little or no good for the client. Her (or his) psyche knows it to be a false statement and rebels with inner dialogue along the lines of “Well, just who do you think you are? You’re a liar, that’s what.”

      But if I can help my client tweak the affirmation to be truthful and promote a more beneficial mindset, the affirmation becomes a very useful tool in her stress relief toolkit. Tweaked to better reflect the client’s truth and desire, the affirmation becomes something like: I choose to eat healthy food that supports my weight loss goals.

      So, yes, affirmations can be a great stress relief tool to use.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Sue. Would love to know what affirmations are favorites of yours to use.

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