I could chat about intuition and tapping and building heart-centered businesses all day with my online biz friend Anne Presuel, who just happens to be an honest-to-goodness, went to seminar school, real ordained minister.

In today’s Fast Action Fridays‘ episode, Anne and I discuss how much we value and rely on tapping into our intuition and trusting the insight it provides. While I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t deeply aware of my own intuition that wasn’t the case for Anne. She wasn’t fully aware of the power of her own intuition until someone else she not only pointed it out to her but how important trusting and following it had been in Anne’s life.

Her advisor at the time explained point blank how Anne’s intuition help Anne save her own and her daughter’s lives. That makes for one powerful intuition awareness moment. For more details about that experience and more be sure to check out Anne’s new 2021 book, A Divinely Intuitive Awakening: How Divine Connection Healed Unspeakable Trauma & Created a Life of Love, Magic and Miracles on Amazon (my affiliate link)

During our interview you’ll also see Anne spontaneously demonstrate how she relied on tapping to help her through the creative process of writing her book. I love how Anne describes how she gets “jiggly” at times. You’ll see it for yourself!

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She told me your intuition saved your daughter’s life.

Anne Presuel

More about Anne

Rev. Anne Presuel, the Irreverent Rev, helps spiritual entrepreneurs get their sacred gifts out to the world, tuning into their own 6th sense while building 6-figure businesses their own way.

Tapping and intuition are her two keys to success. Anne fully believes you can blend spirituality and business. You can have your business YOUR way. Manifesting is a skill you can learn and hone, not a gift bestowed to some.

Anne Presuel book cover for A Divinely Intuitive Awakening: How Divine Connection Healed Unspeakable Trauma & Created a Life of Love, Magic & Miracles

Excerpt from Anne’s book:

“Mommy, Michael’s been touching me!”

Then she burst into tears.

I sat frozen, like a mouse who had just been shocked for some scientific researcher’s experiment. Wrapping my arms around my little girl, I stroked her head as I held her tightly. She clutched me and sobbed.

At this moment, Anne’s life changed forever. The abuse was a medically historical case: the first known connection of a brain tumor to pedophilia that caused her husband to behave in sexually deviant ways, including molesting her daughter. Could Anne ever forgive him? Should she? If so, what would it take?

Fun and Unusual facts about Anne:

  • A proud Pisces, Anne lives in South Florida with her second husband where they tend to way too many animals at their Divine Sanctuary and yet somehow can’t seem to keep their peacocks from wandering away.
  • They (she, husband) hang out together each night in the pool, despite her occasional fear that a giant python may somehow slither in at any moment. They are live near the Everglades, after all.
  • Anne is a failed vegan, thanks to her love of cheese, especially on pizza!
  • She’s also a doting kitty mom who installed a superhighway on the walls of their home so her six cats could have more room to chase each other.

Get the Free Resource

Anne’s free resource is called The Divine Money Kit. She created it to help “you bring the beautiful magic that is you to the world and get paid well for doing so. It’s ideal if you’re not making as much money as you could or want to, and you haven’t figured out how to bring all of your experience, all of your trainings and all of your knowledge into your business AND combine it with your deep connection with the Divine. At least to the outside world.”

Click here to get your free copy of Anne’s wonderful The Divine Money Kit, complete with a training, an ebook, a tapping mp3, and wealth affirmations mp3, and PDF.

See Anne’s first Fast Action Fridays episode about tolerating things that hijack our best intentions here.

Other ways to connect with Anne:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rev.anne.presuel
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DivinelyIntuitiveBusiness
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/RevAnne1
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/revanne1/
Website: https://divinelyintuitivebusiness.com/

Your Turn

How aware of you of your own intuition? Do you trust it to provide you with information to make informed choices and decisions?

I’d love to hear how you discovered the power of your own intuition, how it’s helped you along your life’s journey. When did you first discover it’s magic? Or, perhaps, you’re still denying that your intuition is a bona-fide element of your existence.

What was your biggest take-away from this episode?

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