Cindy’s one of those high energy types that light up a room just walking into it. She’s used that energy plus her interest in helping others to create a stellar portfolio of work, working primarily from home.

I first got to know Cindy when we both participated in Kelly McCausey’s Stretch Yourself Challenge. One challenge prompted me to host this virtual summit, while Cindy got to check mark the one to reach out and accept a live speaking gig. I’m so glad she did. She shares some wonderful insight and tips in her session. Hope you agree.

See below the replay video for more information and tips on how I planned out the virtual summit and invited speakers.

Meet Cindy

A proud mom and grandma, Cindy is also the author of almost 150 books, Bible studies, Action Guides, and homeschool resources. She has produced thousands of audio workshops and online classes/conferences/podcasts. She edits and publishes two magazines, Time for Tea and Homeschooling The Easy Way.

As if that’s not enough to keep her busy, she also manages her own blog: Cindy’s Desk(Top!)!, plus hosts and produces the popular online radio shows, Mom-to-Mom Radio Show (known now as The Cindy Rushton Show).

Cindy is also enjoys working as a background actress for shows like ABC’s Nashville and various movies/videos.

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Connect with Cindy

Cindy’s runs an Ultimate Productivity Challenge. Click here for details.

EMAIL: CindyRushton@gmail.com
Webpage: www.CindyRushton.com

TIPS on Hosting Your First Virtual Summit

If you haven’t yet, go read my post about the Low Tech Way to Host Your First Virtual Summit. In it you’ll learn some of the backstory to this one, and more basic tips to consider.

Hosting any kind of event requires managing a lot of moving parts. Hosting a virtual summit is no exception.

One of the first decisions to make is whether to host your online event live or prerecorded. I choose to host this one live because of a super-tight deadline.

There literally was not enough time left in my schedule to plan everything out and record five interviews and edit those interviews and do all that was necessary to create a section on my website to make the replays available.

Just thinking of all that would have required makes me feel overwhelmed now.

Why Hosting Live May Be Your Best Option

Performing live may not be your thing. Public speaking remains a top fear for many. I get it. You may feel more comfortable with a record and edit first plan.

But here’s why I still think you should consider hosting live for your first virtual event:

  • People are more when they are experiencing it with you in the moment … live or watching replays. Much more forgiving of hiccups and whoopsies.
    — Sure there are jerks who delight in pointing out the foibles of others. But if you focus on the possibility they show up instead of your core group of friends and followers you can kiss rocking your unique path to success goodbye for good because you’ll avoid doing it at all.
  • It’s okay to go ahead and have fun with it. Lighten up. Plan to enjoy the interviews, the interaction. Take any problems in stride … and move on.
    — That’s much easier to do when you record live. Stuff happens. Expect it. Do your best to prepare for it. But don’t let a fear of not getting it right derail you from doing it at all. Some of the best interviews I’ve ever done were recorded live. I may still blush and groan inwardly at some of the mistakes made, but I’m glad for the experience.
    — Curious for an example for when a whoopsie turned into a beloved outcome? Click here for Tim Conway’s infamous elephant story on the live taped Carol Burnett Show.
    — Then get a better perspective from the full backstory by Vicky Lawrence here.
  • You can fix or edit out any real problems in post-production.
    — If you watch Natalie Lavelock’s session, you’ll notice how blurry she is on screen. But we choose to go ahead live anyway. I did do some light editing for the replay version, including adding intro and outro frames, and removing a glitch midway when Natalie temporarily lost her phone connection.
    — During Cindy Rushton’s session I was having trouble switching the Spotlight view to me at time. But I’m still proud of the session. I never considered not making the replay available.
  • There’s more incentive to just get it done … or at least get it over with 🙂 … when you host live.
  • You can always record another live session if something really goes wrong. Or record another session later to use as the replay.
    — In fact, I discussed both those as Plan B and C options with speakers should we run into problems.

Next Time ….

I’ll share more background information and tips for hosting your own virtual summit, along with the replay for Stephen Henry’s insightful session. You won’t want to miss it.

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How would feel about being asked to participate in a live virtual summit? Would you jump at the chance or hesitate? How do you feel about speaking in public?

Is there anything in particular you’d like me to discuss in a future post?

Please share in the Comment section below or contact me privately here.

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