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I love Brian Johnson and his A Philosopher’s Notes.

So grateful that I was once awarded a scholarship from his company to purchase a digital copy of his original 100 Philosopher’s Notes audios and pdfs. I always have some with me to listen to in the car.

They are a wonderful time and energy-saving way to absorb the “meat” from the teachings of many wise ancient and current authors, business gurus, philosophers, and spiritual leaders. Some I didn’t know. Some were old favorites that have been a delight to rediscover.

Brian published another volume of 100 brilliant food-for-thought notes. Love them, too! You can check out those, plus Brian’s growing offerings from his En*theos website. (That’s a non-affiliate link. Enjoy the free samples there.)

Habits that we have and wear

In one of my favorite blog posts of Brian’s, and now a mini-chapter in his book, he talks about our habits.

Guess I was reminded of that note because I’ve been busy cleaning out my physical closets, as well as cobwebs and ill-fitting, useless habits from my emotional and spiritual closets. Brian’s note discusses the parallels between what we wear and think and do.

Do you know the origin of the word “habit”?

Interesting! Look it up yourself. Or just check Brian’s Do Your Habits Fit note in the short-short video below.

What About You?

Are your closets stuffed with old clothes, ones that don’t fit the personality or image you want to project? Even new clothes that were poor purchase choices?

Are your emotional and spiritual closets overflowing with worries, confusion, and mixed message?

Are your current habits a good or bad reflection of you these days?

What habits are you in the process of changing now?

Please consider sharing a current struggle or success. By sharing, you’ll be helping someone who may also be struggling feel less alone and more hopeful.

  • I had no idea the word habit originally referred to the clothes I wear! I love the clothes in my closet. I work from home and tend to stay in my workout clothes but when I go out, I’m rocking it!

  • Actually, yes, to the robe question because it’s usually a day where I stay focused on a project I’m really wanting to work on. Plus I’m lucky to have a chef hubby who takes the initiative to bring me food and drink.
    – I do make a point to shower and dress in casual “office” wear on days when the focus is more on admin tasks and writing/editing/marketing client projects.
    — or Skype video calls on scheduled!

  • I cleaned off my desk today and came upon a book I read and didn’t even like. I thought to myself, “I need to take these books I don’t even want to read and distribute them to bookshelves in my favorite independent coffee houses. I don’t need to warehouse every book I buy!

    Loved finding you today from the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

    • Hi Julie. Thanks for sharing that. Reminds me of when I finally broke free of the habit that I needed to finish reading every book I started for pleasure or out of curiosity even if I wasn’t enjoying it. Breaking that habit don’t a while to feel comfortable.

  • I think I am reaching the point where I have or am creating more good habits than bad ones. Progress is wonderful. I think the biggest new habit I am working on is my regular practice of meditation throughout the day.

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