We’re talking about how to quickly create and launch your first course on today’s Fast Action Fridays.

My guest is Melody Johnson. She is the owner and founder of The Course Consultant and the host of The Course Consultant Show. Melody helps small business owners create and sell digital products and courses FAST.

I love her explanation of why you should focus on your getting your MVP created and available to your audience as fast as you can. To Melody, MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product.

In this episode, Melody explains how first-timers can quickly create their first courses and why it’s folly to wait for everything to be perfect before launching. Her advice is equally suitable for experienced pros, too.

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The biggest thing people need to do is just get it out there. Validate that people are interested. Then start working to create more content based off of feedback.

Melody Johnson

More about Melody

Melody Johnson has a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design and has spent the last several years working with large-scale companies creating virtual training programs at scale. Now she helps small business owners scale their services into digital products and courses.

Fun facts about Melody:

  • I have three siblings (Harmony, Charity, and TJ)
  • I lived in Detroit, Michigan for several years but originally grew up in Southern California

Get the Resources

Melody offers a FREE The Course Creator Starter Outline. The course creator starter outline will help you outline your first course in 50% less time!

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Other ways to connect with Melody:

Instagram: thecourseconsultant
Youtube: The Course Consultant

Your Turn

Do you spend months mapping out your first digital offer? Do your students actually see positive results after enrolling in your course? Or are you struggling to market your digital services?

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