On today’s Fast Action Fridays, it’s all about how to more easily create content … not just for a day … but for an entire month. Content that, as Jen points out, doesn’t come off as being canned, scripted, or bullshitty.

My guest, Jen Liddy, learned how to grow a business from the inside out by making all the mistakes after making the terrifying leap from education to entrepreneurship.

Like so many determined solopreneurs, eventually her business ran her, instead of HER running IT! But she took a step back and reengineered her approach.

Today, Jen is a successful business development coach, who teaches business owners how to grow businesses that work for them and their life.

Don’t miss downloading her fabulous free resource: The Customized Content Creation Planner. Using her system is just one way Jen stays firmly in the driver’s seat of her business.

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Content creation really takes courage.

Jen Liddy

More about Jen

When her first business sucked the life out of her life, Jen knew she was destined to help other entrepreneurs avoid the burn out and exhaustion she felt.

So much was in her way:

  • thinking she was “just a teacher” and didn’t know how to run a business…
  • not knowing how to create boundaries and say “NO”
  • lack of confidence to do the hard things like marketing & sales…

After going down in flames, wiped out & a little dead inside, Jen spent time rebuilding herself into a different brand of entrepreneur. One focused on helping other creative entrepreneurs have a business AND a life.

She teaches them how to take the desires and ideas swirling around them — and make them real in a step-by-step fashion that makes it all feel a bit easier.

Today, Jen helps solopreneurs grow and scale their business — mastering their message, putting systems in place, and managing their mindset — all so they can have the freedom and money they crave, without burnout, confusion, or overwhelm.

Fun and Unusual facts about Jen:

  • She once shopped through a monsoon in Hong Kong.
  • She has a bizarre ability to think of someone or something, and it shows up in front of me within a day or two! [Kat note: Me, too!]
  • She’s happy to do really hard mental work or have incredibly difficult conversations, but LOATHES physical labor, or anything that involves getting sweaty or being out of breath!

Get the Free Resource

If you have a need to create lots of content fast and easy … and what solopreneur doesn’t these days … you’re gonna love Jen’s free resource, The Customized Content Creation Planner. It’s jam-packed with goodness. You’ll discover the 3 simple steps Jen recommends to create content that’s simple for you to create and easy for your audience to devour.

I prefer planning with paper and pen so I appreciate that you can print out the individual planning for an entire month separately or keep things digital and fill out the PDF online, then save and or print it for easy reference.

No more firehosing paralysis. I highly recommend embracing Jen’s “fish food” philosophy instead.

Get Jen’s free planner here.

Other ways to connect with Jen:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jenliddycoach
Instagram: https://wwww.instagram.com/jenliddycoach
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jen-liddy-bb95a95b/

Your Turn

How about you? Do you find content creation a chore to avoid? Or one you embrace and rock because you love supplying your followers with quality information, advice, and ideas from your unique perspective and experience?

Will you be using Jen’s planner to help make your content creation easier? Or perhaps you use a different system? Tell us about it!

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