I could chat with my online biz friend Nika Stewart all day and we’d never run dry the well of topics to discuss that get us excited and motivated.

In today’s Fast Action Fridays‘ episode, Nika Stewart shares how to easily create a month of social media content in just a few hours of focused effort. Be sure to check out her free resource below the video to help you stay productive and consistent.

I especially liked her advice when promotion-weary entrepreneurs worry about posting too frequently on social media. Check out what she had to say about five minutes in and see if you agree.

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If you’re posting content that bothers people, you’re posting the wrong content. You want to post in a way that makes people want to see more content from you.

Nika Stewart

More about Nika

Social media trailblazer, online visibility expert, cancer survivor, and national speaker, Nika Stewart has helped thousands of women promote their thought leadership and shine online. Entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, executives, politicians, and celebrities have all enjoyed increased social media popularity through the expertise of Nika and her world-class team at Streambank Media, LLC.

Nika is the founder of Shine365™ , an online community that helps women enhance their social media presence and grow their businesses in a fun, supportive environment.

Fun and Unusual facts about Nika:

  • She sings with a rock band.
  • She’s going through cancer treatments and feeling more empowered than ever.
  • She’s an introvert and prefers working from home.

Get the Free Resource

To help you stay consistent with your social media strategy, be sure to check out Nika’s free checklist and follow her five steps to grow your social media effectiveness.

Get your free copy of Nika’s Social Media Daily Checklist here.

Other ways to connect with Nika:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nikastewartshine
Instagram: http://instagram.com/nikastewartshine/
Website: http://shine-365.com/

Your Turn

Do you fly by the seat of your pants when it comes to promoting your business on social media? Or do you plan ahead and get your proverbial ducks in a row ahead of time?

I’m working on better “social media duck” management now that I’ve learned how much time and effort it can save me. Best of all, I’m looking forward to rewards that can come from streamlining the process and focusing my message.

What was your biggest take-away from this episode?

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  • I enjoyed listening to the tips your guest shared, Kat. Love the acronym – CAT. I too have a theme for each month and recently have started highlighting certain sub-topics for each week.

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