The best successful relationships don’t just happen. So, if your experience working with a virtual assistant isn’t the best, it’s time to stop relying on karma to manifest your dream team. Instead, start stacking the deck in your favor with the advice and tips shared by this week’s Fast Action Fridays guest, Pam Langord.

Even if you aren’t working with a VA yet, as Pam pointed out, it’s good to bring help in before you really need one.

That’s where working with a good coach can help by pointing out which areas of your business could be handed off to someone else to handle, leaving you with more time and energy to handle only those tasks you are best suited for … the ones no one but you can do. That’s how you rock your path.

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More background about Pam:

  • She’s techie gal who admits to flunking her first computer class.
  • She’s a licensed mixologist … and used to be part-owner of a nightclub.
  • She’s a “hopeless list maker and makes friends laugh when she shows off her alphabetized spice cabinet.

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Other ways to connect Pam:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/RidgetopVirtualSolutions/
Her website: https://ridgetopvirtualsolutions.com

Your Turn

How would you rate your relationship working with a virtual assistant? Where would that fall on a scale of one (the worst!) to 10 (rocking it!)? Do you have more than one virtual team member?

If you’ve never hired help before, what’s stopping you?

What advice would you share about hiring assistants and delegating tasks?

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