Kat asks Allison, The Rock Girl:

I’ve got a question about citrine. I’m reading in more and more places citrine - quartz crystalthat citrine is one of the stones, like
kyanite, that never needs cleansing. That surprises me since citrine is a quartz.

My questions are:

  1. Do you think that it’s true that citrine never needs cleansing?
  2. Does it matter whether it’s natural or a heat-treated variety of citrine?

The Rock Girl answers:
Hi Kat!
Thank you for your email and most excellent questions!

Yes, it has been said that Kyanite and Citrine are the two stones that NEVER need cleansing, but no one has ever clarified as to why that is so. It is my belief that ALL stones liked to be cleansed, and as a result will be able to function at their greatest capacity. Stones, like people, have their own unique electromagnetic frequencies, and draw in all kinds of energy. When this happens they tend to feel heavier, stickier, and appear dull and/or less vibrant. This is when you know they need to be cleansed. From my experience I have felt these characteristics in both the Kyanite and Citrine, upon which having cleansed them I have immediately felt the difference and shift in their energy levels. My advice to you is go with your gut, and let your instincts be your guide : )

This also applies to both types of citrine, the natural and well as the heated-treated variety. Bare in mind that some stones need to be cleansed more often than others. This depends on many factors including the type of stone, placement of stone, and the job that you are asking it to do, etc.

Along with cleansing a stone of negative energy, I always like follow up and “charge” it as well. A nice gentle way of doing so would be to leave it on a piece of selenite over night or on a window sill bathing in the moonlight. As I mentioned today on the show, soaking a stone in salt water and setting it out in the sun can completely annihilate many of the more sensitive stones including Kyanite, Selenite, Amber, Jet, all of which melt in salt water. If left in the sun too long Rose quartz, Amethyst, Smokey Quartz and Citrine (both varieties) will eventually fade and loose all their color. Many of the books fail to mention which stones can take the salt water and/or the sun, and one often has to learn by trial and error, which can result in a terribly heart breaking experience : (

Thank you once again for reaching out to me and please feel free to contact me  with any further questions.

Mighty Blessings,

The Rock Girl

Feel free to add your comments after this post or me at askkathy@avci.net or in the forum. And feel free to offer your advice and tips as well. We all learn when we all share!

  • I totally agree with cleansing crystals on a regular basis. I remember when I first started using citrine, I didn’t cleanse it very often compared to my other crystals believing it didn’t need it. But the stone started to feel heavy and it really benefited from a cleansing session.

    • Hi Lynda. Thanks for sharing your experience. I also notice when things begin to feel heavier. Do you have many crystals? Would love for you to share your favorites. Feel free to contact me if you’d be interested in submitting a guest post.

  • HI Kathy Henderson-Sturtz,

    If i am wearing any crystals for astrological purpose then should i my stone energize again after cleaning my crystal


    • Hi Linda,
      Not a crystal expert by any means. My answer is a depends … depends on how you feel about your crystal. I use a more intuitive approach to mine. For instance, if when I hold them I sense they feel heavier (or lighter) than they should or out of balance in other ways, then I’d consider energizing them. Also, be very careful about cleaning your crystals. There are crystals, such as celestite, that you would not want to get wet, and others that may be too delicate to immerse in sand. I also don’t cleanse my entire crystal collection on any sort of schedule. Ones I use or wear most get cleaned more often, particularly if they have been around negative energies.

      Does that help answer your question?

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