In this final replay from the How I Make Working from Home Work for Me Virtual Summit 2019, guest speaker Donna Blevins brings insight into the use of shifting our mindset as no one else can.

Listen as this Big Girl of Poker explains how she entered the world of professional poker in her late forties, plus what she learned about playing poker that saved her life. Also, check out below the fabulous free resource Donna has available to you.

My heart claims I’ve known Donna for ages when in truth as I write this is, it’s barely been a year. On private video chats, we’ve laughed till our sides hurt and shared sorrows that had us virtually hugging and wiping away tears. And, I love hearing how she stunned medical staff when she used mindset shifts to help recover her speech in three days following a stroke versus the six or more months the doctors predicted.

I couldn’t think of anyone I wanted more as a guest speaker to wrap up my first live virtual summit than Donna Blevins. She shuffles humor and insight and mindset together, lays those cards on the table, then explains how much better you can play the hand life’s dealt you when you choose to shift your mindset on demand.

See below the replay video for more information and tips on how I planned out and hosted this successful virtual summit.

Meet Donna

Donna’s home business environment includes being primary caregiver for 94 year old Momma Peggy, her disabled combat vet husband, plus their four little doggy fur-babies. Donna says her mom is her rock and she’s learned a lot from her over the years, including the truth of one of Momma Peggy’s favorite sayings:

If you want to stay above the grass, you need to get your butt up.

~ Momma Peggy

During the replay, you’ll learn from Donna why an important aspect of successfully working from home includes having a space for yourself, even if that space is tiny. Also important is taking care of yourself. You’ll hear Donna share how “When she failed to also take care of herself, her business struggled.” And, how she created her 10/40 rule as a solution to making sure she took time to care for self-care.

Laugh along as Donna explains how she choose to learn poker as a source of entertainment, what she learned about herself while learning to play the game … as a beginner in 1996 in her late 40s …, how she was came to be known as the Big Girl of Poker, and where she placed against 6,400 players during the 2007 Series of Poker Main Event Championship.

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Connect with Donna

Best way to connect with Donna is via her website or search “BigGirlPoker“. You’ll also find access on the website for her free special resource:

Hmm…Isn’t That Interesting”… is Donna’s signature MindShift Exercise™. During a 4-minute coaching session, she guides you through the process of changing your mindset quicker than you ever expected.

Grab the FREE audio download now here, so you can play the cards life deals as if you’ve already won!

Website: MindShiftOnDemand.com
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/biggirlpoker
Get her MindShift On Demand™ book on Amazon here.

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TIPS on Hosting Your First Virtual Summit

If you haven’t yet, go read my post about the Low Tech Way to Host Your First Virtual Summit. In it you’ll learn some of the backstory to my hosting this one, and basic tips to consider.

Use the KISS Mindset: Keep It Simple, Sweetheart

I’ve left the most important tip for last. Really, truly, embrace a KISS mindset when planning and hosting your first virtual summit.

Too often I’ve watched individuals talk themselves right out of pursuing a great idea because they refused to keep things simple, at least for their first attempt.

Hosting a Virtual Summit, whether your first or fiftith can be a daunting venture … if you let too much planning, pursuing too many possibilities, and insisting on too much perfection get in your way.

5 Guidelines to Just Get It Done 🙂

1 – One way to help keep things simple is to stay organized. Brainstorm and outline a simple outline for the event.

2 – Invite (and accept!) guest speakers who are naturally friendly, generous, easy-going, smart, personable, and willing to be flexible.

3 – Manage your expectations. Be clear … and honest … about your ultimate goal for this first event.

4 – Don’t shy away from challenge, but also don’t go adding unnecessary obstacles.

5 – If you need and want help, ask for it. A good place to start is by discussing it with your own business coach, or in a networking community that’s filled with individuals who enjoy encouraging and supporting and offering practical, positive suggestions when asked for input.

You can contact me here, or share your plans and event in my Rocking Your Path Community Facebook group here. It’s free to join.

Next Time ….

I hope I’ll be hearing about the wonderful virtual summit you have scheduled. 🙂

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Would you be interested in attending … or being a guest speaker … if I hosted another How I Make Working From Home Work For Me Virtual Summit?

Let me know if the Comments. Also, feel free to suggest a guest speaker … or a particular topic … you’d like addressed during another virtual summit.

Check out this post on a Low-Cost Way to Host a Virtual Summit.

  • I love your portrait of Donna! I “met” her online years ago, but did not know most of what you told me. I’m so impressed that she used a mindset shift to shift a physical impairment in days. And I am now wondering what I could do with “isn’t that interesting?” Thanks!

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