The All Day Repeat option in Google Calendar is good for many situations, such as keeping track of birthdays or marketing opportunities that are tied to a date or day of the week, but not to the time of day.

But it’s a ineffective solution when you want the blocked time for full days or extended time periods over multiple days to actually display as colored blocks on the main calendar section.

Fortunately, Google Calendar has a built-in duplicate feature. In today’s post I’m going to show you where it’s hiding and how easy it is to use to quickly duplicate events or blocks of time.

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Now that you know where to look, I’m sure you’ll find many opportunities to use the Duplicate feature option on your Google Calendar.


Were you aware this feature existed in Google Calendar? Are there other things you’d like to know how to accomplish with your Google Calendar?

Let me know in the Comments.

  • No, I had no idea you could do that with Google, but I can see how it would come in handy. What I would like Google to do is give pop-up notifications on my screen 30 minutes before an appointment or teleclass. It used to do that, I think, but doesn’t seem to offer it anymore.

    • Hi Jeanine. My Google Calendar events still pop up for me on my monitor, but that might be because I’ve connected it to my Zoom account, even ones not related to a Zoom meeting.

      • I am so far behind the times. I only use my Google calendar for appointments, I had know idea I could even have reoccurring bdays year and year either. Guess I should check on the features!

        • Martha, you’re in my Rocking Your Path Community on Facebook now, right? Check out the videos there for more tips on using Google Calendar. Let me know if you need help finding them.

    • I use the regular Repeat feature for birthdays and anniversaries. But I block time for appointments, and I include travel time if relevant. You’ll find more tips on using Google Calendar in the video section of my Rocking Your Path Communicty that likely work with icalendar, too.

  • I’m hoping for “holding down shift” and dragging.
    I have a sailing charter and I have to manage 3 boat captains, and all over the calendar they are scattered, but for each month, I have to create them? hope not. thanks though..

  • How about duplicating a whole day of events at one time from one day to another a few weeks (or months) in the future. Is this possible to do without the need to duplicate each event individually, i.e. one event at a time?

    • Unfortunately, as far as I’m aware duplicating events is limited to one at a time. However, if these are events going on for a number of days or weeks, you could use the Repeats functionality, where you could set it up once and it will show up each day/week/month as appropriate.

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