Delighted to wake up and read this email. I’m so proud of the conscious, intuitive and consistent effort Donna has given towards changing her life from one of emotional trauma and scarcity of resources to new-found joy, happiness and major success in her personal life and career.

I hope you’ll draw inspiration from Donna’s message.

Hi Kat,


I just want to say THANK YOU!! You have helped me tremendously by sharing your knowledge and intuition.

We have removed the blockages that have held me back for so long, some we knew about and some we did not. We have worked on them one by one. After many many years I am finally working and will be moving into my own place in July. Not only am I working but I have been on several interviews with wonderful results all within 90 days. A change of employment is in the future. Thank you.

The EFT and Energy Balancing is a great program for anyone who is stuck and what’s to change their life. I was stuck and knew it but could not get life’s little adventures to move forward. Through a divine appointment long ago in Hot Springs, AR I met Kat. She has helped me find the issues and address them, one by one that were holding me back, even the ones hiding under the dust in those corners and cracks of my subconscious mind that I didn’t know were there.

I recommend the EFT and Energy Balancing program to anyone and everyone. I believe she is much more effective than any traditional counseling and psychologist. Even though throughout life, life’s changes happen when it wants to, in its own time, it helps to have the tools to create the life you want and help you arrive there. The tools that are provided by Kat are also great for when you arrive.

Get on board and let Kat help you find what’s holding you back so you can enjoy life to it’s fullest.


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