Earlier this summer, my organic farmer friend Les shared his thoughts about the potential benefits of requesting, sending and receiving positive positive energy to his farm and the crops he grows.

Celestine VisionI started re-reading the book The Celestine Vision about a week ago and came across the part about how our thoughts and intents effect the people and things around us. 

It came to my attention while cultivating soybeans the other day that if I petitioned as many people as I can think of to send love and positive energy to the farm and all of my plants and animals, that this would help them reach their fullest potential.

So, if the spirit moves you to send love and positive energy to the crops and animals on my farm, I would be deeply appreciative.

So far this season we have been spared from the heavy rains that other areas around us have encountered. My soybean crop looks nice and for the most part the weather has cooperated enough to implement timely planting and weeding. My goal for this year is 52 bushel per acre which is a healthy yield, but well within the potential of the beans.

Many Blessings on your Path!


We’ll be checking in with Les after fall harvest to see how things went.

Les Roggenbuck’s fully certified organic farm is located in the “Thumb” of Michigan.

To learn more visit:
East River Organic Farm

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