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We all have a history and the Fast Action Fridays show is no exception. It first aired April 4, 2014. Unless you’re already one of our fans and followers, please take a moment to read our story before submitting your information to be a featured guest. Go here.

Think You’re a Good Fit for FAF?

Great! I look forward to receiving your information and the prospect of interviewing for an upcoming show.

If you have any trouble submitting this form, please email support@rockingyourpath.com

Fast Action Friday Pod Guest Prep

  • Thank you for your interest to be featured on my show.

    • All guest submissions will be reviewed. Please be patient as it may take as much as a week or two to respond.
    • Once selected, guests will be provided a link to schedule a convenient time to record their episode.
    • Our interview style is friendly and casual. No slide decks or presentations are used.

    If you have any issues or questions, please reach out to me at kat@56vibes.com
  • Use the plus sign to add more
  • Max. file size: 7 MB.
  • Guests are asked to offer a free resource related to their topic. It should be an evergreen offer.
    — It’s okay if you have this associated with a funnel that offers a fee-based upsell or OTO. Image file (or link to where I can download it) of your resource is appreciated and can be emailed to me later.
    — Guests often email me a copy of their freebie so I don’t have to opt-in to review it
  • Max. file size: 7 MB.
    It’s optional but lovely if you have a brief written summary about your topic and bullet point tips you will be sharing. Receiving these ahead of time is ideal but shortly after we record is okay, too.

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