Fast Action Fridays Replays from 2014 – 2016

It’s August 4, 2020 as I edit this paragraph and new episodes air this week after a spring to mid-summer hiatus. See below for replays of terrific Fast Action Fridays interviews from our early years. Access the replay for the first episode of the new season here.

October 28th – Should You Consider Using Facebook Ads? with special guest Laura Ball of Get Social Marketing Solutions.

Laura Ball

Laura Ball, a digital marketing strategist and course creator for all things Facebook, is founder of Get Social Marketing Solutions. She’s a life-long learner and constantly soaking up as much Facebook goodness as possible so that she can best serve her clients and students. Laura loves to share everything she’s learned about the how to use Facebook strategically —without wasting tons of time and money— so you can grow your business.

Her background includes spending over 10 years in “old school” marketing for brick and mortar businesses. She focused on digital marketing for several years and worked with clients to develop their marketing plans, social media strategies and run their Facebook accounts.

Laura says her sweet spot is creating simple step-by-step courses for beginning entrepreneurs who don’t have thousands of dollars to throw at Facebook ads (and some of those big online training courses).

On a personal note, Laura’s also a wife and mom to two young children. She says, “I’ve stayed at home with my kids for 10 years and jumped back into the working world when I started my own business. I LOVE what I do, but I totally understand the struggle to find balance. That’s why you’ll see me online at weird hours – late at night, in-between runs to gymnastics and soccer and early mornings when the house is quiet. I get it. Running a business, being a mom, wife, and managing everything in the house is A LOT. That’s why I like to make my courses easy to digest and reasonably priced. (Have you SEEN the cost of gymnastics classes these days? Yikes!)”

Sign up for Laura’s free course on creating your first Facebook ad to help you grow your business by clicking here. You can also check out Laura’s Get Social website here.

October 21st – Website Tips to Help You Grow Your Business

My special guests this week were Brad Finkeldei and Eric Rosenberg who run onedaybusinesswebsites.com.

I first met Brad on Facebook in a private virtual networking group. From the start I appreciated the focus he and Eric put on what’s most important when creating a new or redesigning a business website. It wasn’t slick or fancy design or expensive (or expensive-looking) logos and graphics. What’s important is the information you want your visitors to immediately “get” when they see your site. You also want to help effortlessly guide them what action you want them to take if they are interested in your products and services.

Check out the details they shared on this week’s Fast Action Fridays broadcast. Near the end we even took some extra time so they could show how the tips they shared were incorporated into the design of their own websites.

October 7th guest was Lexis Johnson

How to Use Marketing to Attract Your Ideal Clients with special guest Lexis Johnson of I AM the Shift. Replay will be available in November.

Lexis JohnsonLexis Johnson, PhD is an empire builder and a problem solver.

With a goal to empower at least a million women to build their empire… earning her the moniker of Empire Builder, Dr Lexis always finds the right answer individually styled for each enquiring mind. When her encyclopedic knowledge needs tweaking she quickly researches to find solutions making her more than a Coach…She’s what you’ve been looking for… She’s your Consultant and Confidante!

Along with her extensive and impressive knowledge, education and experience, she brings results in the thousands. And isn’t that what you want? RESULTS…

Her favorite client is ready; a woman entrepreneur, building an internet marketing business with her passions; someone who isn’t afraid to put her hand up and say, “Pick me. Help me. Let’s win together. Let’s grow and expand together.”

One of Dr. Lexis’ favorite phrases is ‘We gorgeous babes have got to stick together!” And the reason she says that is to inspire others to collaborate, not compete. Lexis believes that when the Dalai Llama said “The World will be saved by the Western Woman”, he didn’t mean a particular woman, or even a woman from North America. Dr Lexis believes that as women awaken with this Shift that is upon us, she brings her natural skills of collaboration, nurturing and intuition! Empowering and encouraging all to embrace and empower themselves in collaboration, serving through nurturing and the use of our intuitive skills, Dr. Lexis believes in win-win business relationships for all… This takes us up and out of the masculine world of competition. No more Bulldog Selling. No more hype. No more being pushy or salesy.

Learn more about her background and benefit from her marketing advice by attending this week’s Fast Action Friday show … or catch the replay.

September 30th: Tips to Help You or Someone You Love Quit Smoking with special guest Lela Bryan, of Nicotine Solutions. Replay will be available in November.

Lela Bryan

When she smoked Lela says, I would have smoked in the shower if I could have kept them lit! She quit smoking in 1978 and I have been teaching smokers and chewers how to quit ever since.

Lela also says:

When I was a smoker, I used to measure my time in terms of cigarettes.

No Minutes in my day … just cigarettes…

It took 3 cigarettes to do the laundry…

2 cigarettes to drive to work…

NO minutes in my day just cigarettes!

I taught High School for 7 years and in between each class on the breaks I would tear down to the women’s faculty restroom (you could still smoke on campus in those days) and puff down a couple of cigarettes, use some breath spray and run back to teach. Then I worked as an education consultant and I would teach elementary school teachers how to teach nutrition. Half way through the workshop I would put on a film about how to eat a balanced diet and I would run out and have a cigarette.

After a while it became incongruent to smoke. I was starting to wheeze a little and I smelled bad.
I live in Alameda, California (near San Francisco, CA) on a floating home (like Sleepless in Seattle boat) the kind with no motor.

I teach teleconferences (over the telephone) to people all over the world and I absolutely LOVE to help people quit smoking and chewing. It gives me energy!

Learn more about Lela Bryan on her Nicotine Solutions or The Quit Queen websites where you’ll find easy access to her free Kick Butt Starter Kit and free webinars.

September 23th: 3 Hardware Tips for Better Webinars with special guest Alfred Poor
Watch the replay here.

Alfred PoorAlfred Poor is a full time professional speaker and writer with an international reputation. A graduate of Harvard, he is the author or co-author of more than a dozen books, including Power Marketing for Small Business: How you can boost sales with low-cost video. He is known for his expertise with technology, and his ability to make complex concepts accessible to people so that they can put them to practical use.

Whether it’s a live or recorded webinar, a group coaching video session, or even just a video chat, the quality of your participants’ experience matters. We’ll talk about some do’s and don’ts for live video events, and some specific low-cost hardware tips that can make you look like a seasoned pro.

Summary of Alfred’s Fast Action Tips:

  •         Great sound: you need a good mic.
  •         Great video: you need a good webcam.
  •         Great lighting: you need to plan, test, and be ready to adjust lighting.
  • BONUS: Dress for success – what to wear (and what NOT to wear)

Attending the live Fast Action Fridays show always includes some extra bonuses. Conversations and sharing of tips continue after we stop recording, which means you get an extra chance to ask your questions or request feedback on a particular situation without worrying about how you may sound or look on the replay. Also, everyone attending live has an opportunity to share their contact information, website and social media links.

Looking forward to seeing you on our next broadcast. Be sure to catch the replay if you miss it!

Get Alfred’s free resource 3 Hardware Tips for Webinar Success by clicking here.

September 16th: Secrets to Rock the Room as a Ninja Networker with special guest Pat Roque. Click here for the replay.

September 9, 2016: Why Webinars Can Change Your Business and the World with special guest, Ellen Finkelstein   Click here for the replay.

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Fast Action Fridays interviews are meant to spark you into bigger bolder action by helping you take immediate quick short steps on some project or idea or procrastination hangup that makes feel you less powerful and productive than you really can be!

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Gale Bates of MyMentorBiz“I love your Fast Friday tips, Kat! :)” Corporate Mentor & Trainer, MyMentorBiz.com

Stephen B Henry“The value I got from being on the call today made my time to be on the line more than worthwhile.” – Stephen B. Henry PhD, business, publishing and WordPress solutions at Wizard’s Place and Our Hutch

Renae Whitacre“Great call, Kat! I loved the format and am excited about the opportunities it presents for future episodes.” – Renae Whitacre, Magnetic Money Mentor and more at Renae Whitacre.

Photo of Kathy by Bill DillerThe core portion of each Fast Action Fridays event is approximately 15 minutes long with an additional 15 minutes of Bonus Q & A with my special guests.. Just long enough to share a few fast action tips and techniques plus respond to a question or two.  Special guests get to share their own fast action tips with the Fast Action Fridays community and network with others. Attendees receive special attention during the call, plus links to their websites, Facebook page, or special offers are included in recaps. Who doesn’t love some free promotion for being a fast action taker? One more way for me to help you rock your path!

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