Allexia BrewerFast Action Friday – Allexia Brewer 
April 1, 2016

Allexia is a fierce innovator who lives outside of the box. She is a mastermind facilitator, anthologist, leader and creative think tanker. She loves teaching entrepreneurs how to build a business by building relationships! She is married with three daughters and lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Summary: Without relationships, business cannot flourish. Allexia says she is like a seed planter and an innovator who gives women (and men) ideas they may not have considered themselves. She says the tips she gives are precursors to taking action including commenting on someone’s post, before sending a friend request.

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Watch the replay to benefit from all the terrific insight and tips Allexia shared.


1. Leave your business at the door. We are most authentic when money or reciprocation is going through our mind. Who are you without your business? Forget the money and the real you comes alive!

2. Be curious. You can find anything you want on social media. Show up in an open-hearted manner. Talk about the weather, sports teams in the area, what grows in the area as a way of getting to know people online.

3. Know where you want to spend your time. Pick three groups: one related to business, one related to personal values or interests, go deep and not wide. Know why you are in the group.

4. Be consistent. Not being consistent is online suicide. You need to show up. Visibility and consistency builds trust.

5. Branch out. Talk to new people. If the same people are in the groups you are in, find new groups so you can meet other people.

6. Keep your boundaries. Do not whine. That doesn’t mean you can’t say negative things, but when you do, make sure you also have solutions or start a discussion. If you have a group, everyone is watching how you handle conflict. Make sure you set up some structure and stick to it without being mean and without allowing abuse of anyone.

7. Show up as yourself. Be authentic. Whatever your personality, let people see it. You will attract the type of people who can relate to you and who you can relate to. You do not have to put out your deepest, darkest secrets, but you can share the lessons.

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