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Nothing gets your weekend off to a great start like taking some motivating Fast Action on Fridays!

Recaps (some also available on the blog) are not full transcripts, but rather summaries of what was shared, including at least one Fast Action Tip, but usually three, plus some have a Your Turn Exercise. Click the corresponding link to listen to the recording. The audio player will open in a new window. Right-click the recording link to download and save the mp3 file to listen later.

Special 2014 and 2015 Episodes

LaVonne Ellis with new bookLaVonne Ellis was my special guest as we helped kick off her new book in July. You can listen to the replay and read more on this blog post: What Happens When A Complete Flake Makes Love For 28 Days Straight?

Also check out my review of her book here: What LaVonne Ellis did to make me love her … and her new book.

Peggy ManganPeggy Mangan returned for a guest host March 20th. Peggy’s been through more changes in her life, some spawned by cancer but it’s always been about what you choose to change that makes a difference. Listen to the replay and learn more on this post: How to change what I don’t like about my life and business.

August theme: Surviving the Dog Days of Summer

Lauren SweetAugust 22, 2014
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We did it! First Fast Action Fridays show using Skype group audio. Plus, maintained the record of using free software. Exciting to have listeners join us live from both coasts of Canada and the US, Dennis and me in Midwest, plus Lauren calling in from Wilderness, South Africa!  

It’s took me longer than usual to edit the recordings because even though I’m a geeky girl and love lots of techy things I admit I had to do some self-tapping to get me past my initial fears of learning Audacity, a popular and free audio editing software. Thankfully, I had a basic understood of what I was looking at and was supposed to do, but it was different software from what I’d learned to use at the local radio station where I had worked for a few short months some years before.

• Guest Lauren Sweet shared wonderful info with plenty of fast action tips to help us better harness the ebb and flow of the moon energies (same force that affects tides). That was in the Bonus QA. In the main segment, Lauren helped us understand Virgo energies that will be heightened beginning tomorrow and on through Sept 9th when we move into Pisces.

BUT don’t rely on my brief notes (I’m not an astrology expert). Trust me, you’ll want to hear all the goodies she shared, plus her answers to listener questions. There’s even an extra bonus QA because the test run we did on Thursday included some additional information including different listener questions and was worthy of sharing, too.  Special Thank You shout-out to Andrea Scott and Dennis D. Sturtz for attending the test run.

Lauren Sweet is an Astrologer, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and artist living on the southern coast of sunny South Africa. She is deeply interested in the beauty and cycles of nature, the seasons and the planets and how these are reflected in human nature. We are all one, connected to the earth and the stars, in a synchronized dance of delight. She is a sacred singer, Tai Chi enthusiast, and loves creating and admiring beauty. Her passion is helping others become their unique and powerful selves. You can email her at sacredsinger@gmail.com more information on how she can help you with focusing your career using your own personal blueprint, your birth chart.

To access the Lauren Sweet’s special bonus offers: – Access her free Moon Mojo Monthly calendars by signing up here. – Take advantage of her special Career Consultation Quickie session by emailing her at sacredsinger@gmail.com or go to click here for more information. Trust me, you’ll want to hear all the goodies she shared, plus her answers to listener questions. There’s even a bonus QA because the test run we did on Thursday included different listener questions and was worthy of sharing, too.

  Shar Mohr, author, mom, entrepreneurAugust 15, 2014
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Guest Shar Mohr is an author, budding entrepreneur, and mom of 5 kids all under the age of 12. She’s also a personal friend of mine who has even helped my professional chef hubby and me with a local catering and couples cooking class. The topic of Balancing Kids, Family Life, Work & YOU during the Dog Days of Summer seemed a perfect fit to invite Shar to share some tips.

“As a homeschooling mom of five young children (ages 12 and under), my life is a whirlwind of dirty diapers, Dr. Seuss books, and domestic damage control. Deciding to actively pursue my dream of writing for children in the midst of this maternal monsoon isn’t always easy, but I’ve found a fun and simple strategy for keeping it together. For me, balancing life is as simple as knowing your A, B, C’s. Doing one or more of these things each day, keeps the chaos away. I hope you find these tips helpful as you juggle the important and meaningful things in your life, too.” – Shar Mohr

One of the things I love most about Shar is that she’s actively pursuing some of her personal passions, such as writing and photography, while raising a family. She’s chosen not use her busy life as an excuse to wait until “the kids are older” or “life is less busy” or any number of other reasons to postpone enjoying her own passions. As Shar pointed out, “There will never be a ‘good’ time.” So actively look for ways to incorporate what you love while you interact with the kids and tend to household chores. Both of us shared some creative fast action tips during the main and bonus segments. I shared how I colored-coded my files when my daughter was young so she could help me file away papers. Shar shared her ABC’s of a Balanced Life. You can download a complete pdf copy of it clicking here. Here’s a brief recap:

  • A stand for Air:  Spend at least 15 minutes a day getting outside and breathing in fresh air.
  • B stands for Bubbles: Everyone enjoys bubbles. Join the kids blowing them. Adults can also enjoy a little bubbly drink of their choice for a relaxing treat. (Shar’s favorite bubbly treat ? A nice cold quality beer.)
  • C stands for Crank Up the Music: Let the music sing. Have some unrestricted fun playing instruments, dancing to favorite tunes, singing, making up silly songs.

Shar also shared some of her tips for using herbal remedies and eating healthy homemade meals, often with home-grown ingredients, as well as what can be picked wild, such as dandelions and plantain plants. As promised, here’s the link for one of her family’s favorites, Dandelion Flower Fritters. Click here for recipe from the Mountain Rose Blog. Or copy and paste this into your browser: http://mountainroseblog.com/dandelion-flower-fritters/ Visit Shar’s website -> Write Mohr.  Visit Shar on Facebook here and Pinterest here.

Leah ShapiroAugust 8, 2014
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My guest was Leah Shapiro of  The Leah-Sphere. We learned how important it is to STOP PUSHING SO HARD and move into a place of allowing in order to reclaim our power and live the life we most want to live.

Leah says, “Pushing comes from a place of lack … I need to do these things in order to have what I want.  It’s totally fear based and puts conditions on your having what you want.Pushing limits your freedom and ability to naturally expand into your greatness.”

Rebels, Rule Breakers and Renegades who are ready to set themselves free

If you are a rebel, rule breaker, and renegade ready to set yourself free, you’ll want to download Leah’s free gift that will help move you past fear so you can embrace liberation and set yourself free by clicking here.

The Desire Map book coverLeah also highly recommended reading the book The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul by Danielle Laporte available on Amazon here. (aff link)

– Learn more about Leah Shapiro by connecting with her on Facebook here and her website here.

– Donna NardoneAugust 1, 2014 – 
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My guest for August 1st was Donna Nardone from Roseville, Michigan. She’s a dear friend and the most awesome astrologer I know. Donna shared an overview of the 12 sun signs and what each of us should be aware of during the month of August based upon our individual sun sign, plus how our rising sign and our moon sign fix into the mix.  However, my rising sign is Gemini and my moon sign is Taurus, and there’s a lot to be gleaned by considering their tendencies together as well as individually. We also talked about how astrological information is just that … information … and it’s important to bring our own emotional feelings and intuition into consideration as we make use of the information to help guide us in the choices we make each day.

Donna provided additional insight to listeners who shared their birthdays. If you’d like to consult with Donna (either by phone or in person) she’s offering a discount to those mentioning learning about her from Fast Action Fridays or me, Kat Sturtz. Contact Donna at US phone # 586-775-0327. You can also email her, but be sure to note in the Subject line:  interested in Astrology reading. 

July theme: Live from Freedom not Fear

Dr Lexis JohnsonJuly 25, 2014:
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Guest Dr. Lexis Johnson is a best-selling author and creator of the Muffin Top Diet Lifestyle System. She’s also an expert in astrology and reading the Oracle, blending those skills in what she calls Cosmobiology. You can receive a free copy of her ebook How to Talk Smack On Your Tummy Fat available on her MuffinTopDiet site by clicking here. Get a second free ebook The 7 Fairy Tales of Weight Loss and One Very Happy Ending for YOU…! ebook available on her WinAtLosingDiets by clicking here.

EXTRA Special Bonus Get help solving the riddle of who you are with the unique insight of Dr. Lexis Johnson who integrates cosmo, biology, oracle, and astrology into a comprehensive program by download a free copy of her newest ebook, What’s Your Purpose. Click here to get it now.

 Dawn PetrovichJuly 18, 2014:
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Guest Dawn Petrovich, of  Embracing Youu (yes, the double ‘u’ is correct).  Embracing Youu focuses on helping and supporting others create their dream lives. We discussed how our mindset can increase our fears about our financial situations and well-being.  Dawn shared several tips you can take fast action on in both the main and Bonus segments that can help free us from our fears so we are better able to work towards and embrace prosperity. Keeping our heads in the sand and not looking at our situations is an avoidance strategy that only serves to increase our fears. An excellent first step if you’re struggling financially is to face that pile of  bills and open those envelopes. Start taking action and the fears will start melting away. You’ll be able to see more clearly not only the mess of the situation but steps you CAN and NEED to take asap to help improve the situation. Learn more about Dawn at her website here, where you can sign up for her Lure the Loot newsletter, learn more about her ebook, How I Uncovered My Yellow Brick Road at the Pool, and more. Visit her Facebook page here. Here’s the link to the budgeting software I highly recommend that’s not like any other budgeting program or system you’ve ever seen before. Called You Need A Budget or YNAB for short. https://www.youneedabudget.com/ 
Mary Rives

July 11, 2014
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Guest Mary Rives of  Thrive and Shine Coaching and Laughter Incorporated. Mary is professionally trained and certified Life and Laughter Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader, and Story Healer Facilitator. Discussion focused on ideas and techniques for using laughter to help combat our internal fears and ignite our creativity. Come listen as Mary shares about the journey from shock to healing she and her family traveled following the unimaginable trauma they faced upon learning of the murder of a close family friend in 2001.

Mary is also the co-author of Journey to Joy, a compilation of 35 inspiring and powerful stories of women who follow their hearts to live in a space of joy, available on her Thrive and Shine website.
– Also check out the International Laughter Yoga site here. – Learn more about Mary Rives on Facebook here and here.
Bonuses from Mary:

  Moira Hutchison Get Your Life on Track book coverJuly 4, 2014: – Click for main segment replay.

Guest Moira Hutchison from Mindfulness Coach -Wellness With Moira. Come listen to Moira explain her passions and the choices she faced and made in her 20’s to escape the clutches of a well-known religious cult. Check out her new book (aff link), Get Your Life on Track: Without Jumping Off the Train! • Connect with Moira on Facebook here

June theme: Do More by Embracing Less Maude StephanyJune 27, 2014
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Guest Maude Stephany, from The Bee Mama and Strongwords Writing Services, shared her experience and tips for overcoming mental clutter and feelings of overwhelm trying to “be it all” and “do it all” as a wife, mother, writer, entrepreneur. Peggy Mangan

June 20, 2014:  – Click for main segment replay.

Guest Peggy Mangan, from Joy After Cancer and Surviving the Diagnosis, shared her experiences living full-time 6 years with her husband on a 36 foot trawler boat in the Florida Keys and Bahamas.    Larah Ritchie

June 13, 2014 – – Click for main segment replay.  – Click for bonus segment Q&A

Guest Larah Ritchie, a Learning Experience Designer, who in the span of few years went from renting a yurt for a year, then moving into a beautiful big old Victorian style home with lots of warm woodwork and stained glass windows, then a few months ago letting go of it all to live and work from an 5th-wheel RV with hubby, twin girls, and 3 dogs! • Larah called in from Texas.She shared more about this amazing journey she and her family on experiencing plus several juicy Fast Action Tips you can start implementing today. Be sure to check out her two newest business ventures: The Black Sheep Workshop Business Tour and leading Whim’s Rebelliongsd-bookcvrLaVonne Ellis

June 6, 2014 – 
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Guest LaVonne Ellis from The Complete Flake and author of Getting Sh*t Done: How to Stop Procrastinating, Let Perfectionism Go, & Harness Your Creative Superpowers (Complete Flake Guides) kicks off our June theme Do More by Embracing Less.  LaVonne recently threw caution… and security… to the wind and became a newbie vandweller traveling the southwest sites and meeting up with friends along the way all on a worn-out-shoe budget.  MamaRed Knight (Jerilynne Knight)

UPDATE for May 30th call with guest MamaRed Knight.
Click here for replay.  – Click here for bonus Q&A replay.

Same topic – Rocking Your Passion Path – but guest Tipster will be MamaRed Knight, Intuitive Business Strategist, Repurposing on PURPOSE Specialist at  MamaRedSpeaks.com  

–  Click for bonus worksheet: 7 Day Passion Quest Exercise Free Report: 7 Ways to Maximize Your Income in Direct SalesRecap Coming for May 23 2014 – Spring Cleaning Life & Business with goal-setting, good habits, and action steps … with guest Tipster Gale Bates. But no need to wait to get the bonuses or listen to replays. Visit Gale’s website My Mentor Biz and down her free special report, 7 Ways to maximize your Income in Direct Sales. – Click for recording.   – BONUS Q&A recording. Click for bonus worksheet.: Spring Clean Life & Biz Goal Setting Sheet

May 16 2014 – Understanding the “Why” of our goals

– Click for recording. Click for bonus worksheet.

May 9 2014 Recap – Tolerating things that hijack your best intentions? How to stop hoarding and take action.

Guest Rev. Anne Presuel of Divinely Intuitive Business. – Click for recording.  Click for bonus worksheet.

May 2 2014 Recap – Who’s knocking on your door? Stop giving hackers the keys with these 4 tips to secure your WordPress site

– Click for recording.

April 25 2014 Recap – Solve 2 common Facebook problems with your links and tags

– Click for recording.

April 18 2014 Recap – Making time when finding it just won’t do.

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April 11 2014 Recap – Using filters to help manage your inboxes

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April 4 2014 Recap – Finding ways to move forward when conditions aren’t perfect

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