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Our free Rocking Your Path Community on Facebook is a great place to share what you do, ask for feedback, help others, find networking partners, and learn about a wide variety of budget-friendly resources that won't break the bank.

Our motto is: Laugh • Learn • Grow • Share • Prosper


Members are People not Facebook pages in our RYP Community. 

Please answer the Pending Questions when requesting to join.

  • Everyone has a unique path to rock to success. We're here to help you do just that whether you are stumped or struggling to find yours, temporarily blocked, frustrated, overwhelmed and unsure of the best next step to take, or currently rocking it with passion and purpose. 
  • Feel free to post questions and ask for advice and suggestions.
  • Share your opinions, tips you've learned along the way. Recommend software and apps, trainings, and other programs you find useful, need help with, or have questions about. 
  • PLEASE NOTE -- GUIDELINES - YES Gentle, self-promotion IS allowed here. Don't over do it. Make sure it's relevant to members. Give us a reason to care. 
  • NO affiliate links unless pre-approved by an admin or moderator. But no overt selling, especially of the post and run kind.
  • WATCH for additional special opportunities to share your products and services.
  • DON'T USE this group as a personal billboard or advertisement space. -
  • ENGAGE with others. BE an active participant. -
  • CELEBRATE your victories ... no matter how big or small ... and show your support and concern for the fellow Rocking Your Path Community members. 

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