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It’s a common complaint…

… especially among habitually curious, spiritually-minded, passionately intuitive souls. 
Like me. And if you’re reading this, most likely you, too. 
How do you choose what to focus on when you have multiple passions and more ideas than you’ll ever have time to develop them all? Can you serve more than one target market? Is it possible to build a successful service-based business when you have diverse skills and truly enjoy embracing that diversity? 
That was the focus of our call March 6th. (No puns intended!) And we’ll be diving even deeper and sharing more specific examples and fast action tips and next week, too.

There is no one right way. There are many right ways.

many right way roadsThe perfectionist in many of us wishes there was … at least theoretically. However, the truth is that there are many right ways. Personally, I embrace the concept that there are no wrong ways. There is something important to be learned and shared and experienced regardless of the path we choose. Furthermore, we can change paths if we want.
That is not the same as saying there are no wrong…or misguided…choices to be made along the paths we choose to follow.
And, like it or not, it’s often the desire to find and follow a single right way … the way we hope means “right” equates to “guaranteed success” … that causes havoc with our ability to focus.
When you mental and emotional energies are questioning the direction you are traveling, the decision (often unconscious) to take a short detour to scout out another path … well, you can see that focus and concentration get lost along the sidelines.
Listen to the replay for examples and more details about the fast action tips shared. Here’s a summary of them:
  1. Come to terms with your natural inclinations and make adjustments rather than try to contort yourself into someone else’s ideal way of doing things.
  2. Learn to excel at my Triple A approach: Adopt. Adapt. Adopt.
  3. Dare to take a risk.
  4. Believe that you can. Be first to believe in you.
    – That’s #5 on my 10 Commandments to Finding Time. You can download a copy as part of my Next Step Action Kit. Get yours complete free kit here.
  5. Use a timer to help you focus for a pre-determined minimum amount of time. I’m partial to using simple kitchen timers, but there are some terrific online ones available, too.
  6. Look for the hidden fear behind you inability to focus on an important project or task. Note that an inability to focus is often accompanied by a lack of taking consistent action. 

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