It’s been barely two months since my good friend, Les, shared some thoughts about “Food as Spirit.” In it was a prediction that the price of food in our grocery stores will likely double within six months or so. As Hurricane Ike hit hard along the coastlines of Texas and Louisiana late last week, and gas prices soared over $4.00 per gallon again, I was reminded again of his email and the more important information he shared in the wake of changing times.   Les Roggenbuck

I’ll let Les speak for himself.

Dear Friends in Spirit,

I am inspired to share with you today some of my discoveries relating to food and spirit.

Being given the opportunity in this lifetime to steward land and cultivate plants, I have made some powerful connections with the land, the food that is harvested from it and the spirit that it invokes. I can not stress enough the difference in energy that you will feel from the different ways that our food is prepared or the intent of the hands that produced it.

The material age has created a food system that has forced farmers to rely primarily on profit margins for growing food vs. focusing on quality and the health of the community benefiting from his or her labors.Now with the price of fuel increasing, the price of food at the grocery store will likely double over the next 6 months or so.

It would be a wise move while we are in the productive season to buy extra produce and put some up for winter. Locally grown, fresh organic produce is the best for the health of your body and for nurturing the spirit within.

I have been harvesting from my garden for a good 4 weeks now [July 10th]. Fresh asparagus, spinach, salad greens, broccoli, snow peas, baby beets, new potatoes, zucchini, summer squash and more. I have also been experimenting with sourdough bread and making yogurt from our cows milk. Pretty much every day I eat from the farm and the benefits are tremendous!

Seed saving this summer and fall should also be a priority. Any efforts in this regard will be rewarded!

Many Blessings on your path!

Thank you, Les, for reminding us that we have the freedom whether or not to make wise choices when it comes to the feeding our physical and spiritual bodies. With rising food costs may hamper us, but we should not let it stop us from finding ways to eat healthy.

Les Roggenbuck’s fully certified organic farm is located in the “Thumb” of Michigan.

To learn more visit:
East River Organic Farm

NOTE: This post was originally published Sept 8, 2008.

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