your secret helper
klimkin / Pixabay
You’ve probably heard me say it. It’s true. I can be my own worst marketing client.
Partly because I put client work ahead of my own and partly due to a lingering problem with procrastination.
It does help that sometimes it’s easy to recognize when I’m procrastinating client work. For example, my home is never cleaner than when I’m in major procrastination mode. But I often find in those moments of acute physical activity what stopped me wasn’t avoidance of an important task but a need to give my brain a break. To let it ruminate on a glitch or let some fog blow away so I can see potential solutions more clearly. 

Nice try. But I’m still avoiding my own stuff!

So what do you do then?
When you find yourself avoiding your own business work, particularly priority to-do tasks that are needed to finish a project, here’s what I recommend:
Switch hats and become someone else for awhile. 
Do the work you’d do FOR them if “they” were your paying client.

Are you a Starter or Finisher?

Check out this article to see how you stack up. 
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