I strongly encourage any small business owner interested increasing their profits to partner with Kathy Henderson and to reap the benefits of her Guerrilla Marketing coaching! By drawing on her years of business coaching experience, her amazing powers of intuition, and her boundless creative energy, she helped me to discover the limiting factors in my business and then helped me to build a plan of attack to overcome them. Kathy showed me the way to move beyond where I had become “stuck” in my business development and she helped me stay on plan by continuing to work with me until I reached my goals!
Kathy is very much like a “business doctor”. Her warm beside manner makes her initial examination of your business very comfortable. She gently makes her diagnosis and then prescribes the very best medicine to get your business on the path to good financial health!

Darrell New Vice President of Guerrilla Marketing
1-800-DryClean LLC   888-700-6177 x 700

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