10 Key Questions 
to Boost Your Sales Potential

Marketing today is only limited by your imagination, willingness to put some serious thought behind the need for it, and the actions to execute a viable plan.

Ignore these questions and it won't be long before customers start ignoring you.

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Kat’s 10 questions were an eye-opener for me

Kat’s 10 questions were an eye-opener for me. They helped me think more concretely about what I’m doing to market my business and how to quantify my return. I’ll be returning to them regularly to make sure I keep myself honest and am following a deliberate, intentional marketing plan. Not only that, but Kat’s joyous approach comes through in everything she does! It’s refreshing to learn from someone who’s genuine and approachable as well as an expert in their field.

Karin Crompton , Writer / Editor

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