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Do You Struggle
Making Sense of Trello?

Tried it. Ended up with a mishmash of disorganized info cards and convoluted workflows?

End the confusion and head-scratching. And the hate. Nobody's got time for that. 

Discover an easier, more intuitive way to take charge
 of Trello with the all new and expanded Easy Trello Course and Workshop.
 Learn to rock a free Trello account your way!

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This course is for you if any of these are true...

  • You tried Trello once (or twice or more) and found it utterly confusing.
  • You're not sure what you would even store in Trello.
  • You've got project and To-Do and I Did This notes scattered every which way with no real system to find them when you need them.
  • You don't understand why so many people rave about Trello.
  • You'd love a system that's as easy to use on your phone or iPad, as your computer.
  • You need to keep costs down so want a free software solution that's easy to use and simple to customize.
  • You've never tried Trello and don't understand how it could help you manage your time and resources.

Discover how easy using Trello can be with the Easy Trello Course

Here's what's included in Easy Trello


Module 1 - Start the Easy Way

Discover the secrets to loving it, plus key concepts to making it work for you. Learn and master features you may have missed.


Module 2 - Personalize Your Boards and Workspaces

Explore how to name and organize your workspaces, boards, lists, and cards for easy access and use. Discover the key differences between repository and workflow boards. Learn about templates and when to avoid using them.


Module 3 - Add Helpful and Fun Elements

Learn how to add images on boards, lists, and cards. When adding dates and reminders is useful. How to create savvy checklists, including checklist ideas that will make you wonder how you managed without them. Smart ways to add attachments. Plus which PowerUps and Integrations are the most useful to consider.


Module 4 - Working With Others

Learn ways to share your boards and cards without having to have a paid Trello account. Understand the difference between inviting Guests to your boards versus adding Team Members.


Module 5 - Board Maintenance and Security

Ever wonder if your stuff is safe on Trello? Learn about security features and how to back up your information. Plus, housekeeping tips to help keep your workspaces, boards, and cards easier to manage and your info quicker to find.


Module 6 - Resources and Extras

Summary information about Trello account levels, pricing, and recent changes. Recommendations for the best resources and help docs with links to access them quickly. Trello News and Updates. 


Module 7 - Q & A Library + Bonus Demo Trainings

A growing repository of helpful answers, plus additional video demos and how-to trainings for quick, easy access. 

There's More! Check Out These Great Bonuses


Easy Trello Course Bonuses

  • A Trello board containing many of the fun and useful items I use myself so you can simply copy and edit to fit your needs. Plus another board with a simple workflow setup.
  • Special Voxer Office Hour times that give you private access to me to ask questions and get additional, personal support.
    > Voxer is a free, simple to use walkie-talkie style communications app that allows real-time voice/ text messaging, and more. See more about Voxer here.
  • Access to the original Easy Trello Webinar replay that's full of meaty information, advice, tips, and how-to.



Easy Trello Workshop Participants get the Course plus these Additional Bonuses

  • Access to 4 Live Q&A Group Trainings and Replays.
  • Extra Voxer Office Hours access for more 1:1 help.
  • Special Case Study trainings as they become available.
  • Special discounts and additional opportunities for private help with your Trello account and business.

Hi, I'm Kat Sturtz ... and I teach things differently.

Kat Sturtz image

  I didn't get Trello at first. In fact, I ignored it for months between the first three times trying it.

  Then my habitual curiosity kicked into overdrive. I decided to give it one more go. But this time I was determined to ignore the standard To Do-Doing-Done aspect of it, and all the fancy-schmancy things others claimed they did with their boards. I set my sights on figuring out what Trello could help me do better and easier.

Soon, my free little Trello account and I were best of friends. It's now become one of the most used tech tools in my digital life and business toolbox.

I'm eager to share the secrets and usage tips I've discovered for demystifying Trello with you.
As a business life mentor and The Purgatory Relief Coach for People Who Think Marketing Is Hell, (my twist as a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach), my passion is helping home-based solopreneurs figure out what's really got them stuck, stumped, or stalled. I especially love helping clients break free from despair, leaking money, or making little at all.

Think you can't do Trello? See what others have to say...


I'm Trello-ing 🤣😍

Leslie A Saulsberry - Solopreneur

I'm Trello-ing 🤣😍. Who Knew! Thank you Kat Sturtz for giving me permission not to be afraid of it and showing me how to not make it bigger than it actually is. You so rock!


Your training on how to use Trello to keep track of opt-ins is wonderful. Thank you!

Connie Barker - Solopreneur

I'm always signing up for things then forgetting why I did. Your training on how to use Trello to keep track of opt-ins is wonderful. One problem solved. Thank you!


I thought I knew everything Trello could do until Kat Sturtz did her presentation

Linda Stirling - Publisher, Author, Coach

I thought I knew everything Trello could do until Kat Sturtz did her presentation yesterday. Immediately after watching what she did, I got on Trello and added a couple of boards that I'd never thought of adding and they will save me time . . . yay! I'm definitely listening to the replay so I can implement some of the other little tricks she showed. And doggone it, I wish I'd known I didn't have to pay what I'm paying for Trello. That in itself was handy to know.


I love how you put things into bite-size pieces

Karen Stultz - Lifestyle & Business Coach

This is the best training, ...OMG Kat Sturtz. You gave so much information, I am going to have to rewatch it all 🙂 I love how you put things into bite-size pieces, I can't wait to get my Trello account going now!!! Thank you Kat, for all your generosity!! ❤


Excellent presentation for some fantastic tips

Terry Loving - WordPress Website Management

Thanks, Kat! Excellent presentation for some fantastic tips. I appreciate the time you spent with us to explain your best usages for Trello.


I'm going to give it another shot!

Marisa Ferrera - Empowerment Coach

It was a GREAT webinar. Thanks for sharing so many valuable insights and tips for using Trello. I'm going to give it another shot!


Thanks so much for your simple, unique and idea-provoking approach to Trello

Vicki Peel - Blogger

Caught your webinar today! Thanks so much for your simple, unique and idea-provoking approach to Trello. I just know the information is going to expand Trello's impact on my planning and productivity!!

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