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Spotlight Guest Expert - Invitation

Kat here, and I'm delighted by your interest to share your expertise with my Rocking Your Path members and followers.

Every guest expert submission is carefully reviewed and given equal consideration. Please allow at least 5 business days to receive a response. 

Our style is friendly and casual. We're all about good vibes, real talk, and sharing information that can help a home-based business owner or hobbyist improve their mindsets, productivity, business and marketing efforts, writing, and technical skills. Slide decks are optional.

You have your choice of presenting live or pre-recorded with me as your host. We'll decide together whether to make it available as a free or paid resource. Either way, this is a value-packed joint venture opportunity for everyone involved.

I highly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to promote one of your own free lead magnets or even a paid resource. 

Replays will be available on the Rocking Your Path Member Center site. If you aren't already a member, you will receive free access to your presentation. You can also make it available to your own clients, customers, and followers via your Rocking Your Path Member Center affiliate link. Special discount codes for your audience are available upon request.

Not quite ready to fill out the application form?

Schedule a friendly 15 minute online Zoom chat to discuss your intended presentation topic or workshop idea, and any questions you may have.
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Ready... Set... Go... 

Complete the application below. I'm looking forward to reviewing your information. 

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  • Add your information even if it's not yet available. It's okay to say you are unsure at this time. However, it's helpful if you say what you're thinking about.
  • Thank you for your interest, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.