Handbags of Hope logoHandbags of Hope finished a very respectable 46th during the March contest. That’s out of thousands of worthy charitable projects.

Founder Jackie Bobcean is asking supporters to try again in April to see if we can boost the final rating for Handbags of Hope into the top 10. The $5,ooo grant would give this fledgling but determined group a huge boost. Among other things it would help finalize the establishment of its 501 (3)c status and as well as help cover storage and travel costs associated with delivering hundreds of great purses filled with things a woman needs most.

Please consider voting each day in April. Just go to:


Remember, if you choose to vote using Facebook (as opposed to registering at the Pepsi site) you need to let the screen refresh then click the Vote button again. Then you’ll see a message telling you your vote was successfully recorded.

We know some folks had problems with that during March which may have resulted in votes they thought were cast not counting.

Learn more about Handbags of Hope at its site: http://handbagsofhope.webs.com/

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